D I Disingenuous

The more one examines the Sally Wootton complaint PDF, the more one realises just how perverse the people running ‘child protection’ in Devon and Cornwall Police are.
For example, on page three, over six months after a jury found that David Madge was not a victim of stalking, we see Devon Police still describing him as “a victim”.
Also on page three, we see something of the disingenuousness of Devon Police.  Mr Carvath had queried the relationship between David Madge and Devon Police.  DI Wootton denied that David Madge had Devon’s ‘child protection’ unit in his pocket, by stating that she herself had never met him.  So what if she never met him herself?  She did not need to meet him in person to be on his side.
On Monday 9 December 2019, testifying before the Swindon Crown Court jury, DI Wootton stated that she had a close and longstanding relationship with the ‘safeguarding’ officer at the primary school where David Madge’s sister was on the staff.
Given the persons attending the school at the time, the significance of DI Wootton’s admitted relationship with the school’s ‘safeguarding’ officer is enormous, because it is known that David Madge’s sister went into overdrive protesting David Madge’s innocence – and his need for protection – at the school in January 2019.
Though DI Wootton never met David Madge herself, her subordinate officer, DC K*** P**** dealt with David Madge and his sister frequently in 2019, in person, on the phone and via email.
Devon Police attended David Madge’s home several times in 2019.  (By contrast, the force failed to acknowledge receipt of Mr Carvath’s crime report, and was unwilling to communicate with him.)
David Madge effectively had a personal hotline through to Devon’s ‘child protection’ unit, any time he wanted to talk to them (which was a lot).
The police even installed a personal panic alarm at David Madge’s home.
Devon Police treated Richard Carvath with absolute contempt, but rolled out the red carpet for the child sex abuser they were determined to protect at all costs.
Everything about DI Wootton’s handling of Richard Carvath’s January 2019 crime report stinks to high heaven.
DI Wootton very obviously acted to protect David Madge.  That she continues to deny it demonstrates the depth of her personal depravity, and her confidence that she will get away with it.
David Madge’s existing child sex abuse victims still need protecting in Devon – and given that he remains at large, other children in his locality may be at risk of harm too.
Devon Police must do their duty to protect children and bring David Madge to justice, for the crime he committed against a young boy on 6 January 2019.
Public support for David Madge’s former wife Samantha Baldwin is overwhelming, and with good reason.
Anybody with an ounce of common sense who looks at the case can see that David Madge is a child sex abuser, and that to date the State (police and family court) has covered up for him.
Why are the ‘child protection’ ‘professionals’ the only people who don’t get it?
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