Historically in our land, the Witchcraft Act 1563 and the Witchcraft Act 1604 outlawed the practising of witchcraft itself.
The Witchcraft Act 1735 repealed the previous Witchcraft Acts, made it a crime to say somebody else was a witch (thereby ending witch-hunts, and executions of alleged witches), and, in place of those previous laws that made practising witchcraft illegal, the 1735 act made pretending to practise witchcraft illegal.
The corollary of the 1735 act’s provision making it unlawful to pretend to be a practising witch was that it therefore remained unlawful to be an actual practising witch either.
The Witchcraft Act 1735 was a law the enforcement of which enabled the suppression of witchcraft and the occult, regardless of whether one believed in the supernatural or not.
This pleased the ‘enlightenment era’ sentiments of the ruling classes in Parliament in 1735, who no doubt associated witchcraft with undesirable criminal behaviour worthy of suppression by law, but who presumably wanted to distance themselves from a legal position in which they might be perceived as endorsing any particular spiritual reality in witchcraft – and perhaps also be required to prove it.
The Witchcraft Act 1735 was repealed in 1951.
Since 1951, witchcraft (or Satanism) has been legal in the UK, and the prevalence of occult practitioners and culture has mushroomed.
Seventy years later, the UK is a radically different society. Though advancements in medicine, technology and communications have been beneficial, in many respects the nation is socially and culturally much worse off.
Most if not all of the seismic changes for the worse, so evident in Britain today, either followed or were facilitated by Parliament after 1951, with the enactment of evil laws, and the repeal or weakening of good laws.
With the benefit of hindsight, the repeal in 1951 of the Witchcraft Act 1735 was the watershed moment at which Parliament opened the floodgates to evil influence throughout the land.
Though this repeal was by no means the first bad thing done by Parliament in the twentieth century, it was a totemic rejection of the vital duty to restrain evil.
Witchcraft is manifestly and extremely evil; but in 1951, the State said it didn’t care about that anymore, and certainly wasn’t going to do anything to stop it.
In the Christian worldview, God ordained civil government for the fundamental purpose of restraining evil and promoting that which is good.
But in 1951 Parliament showed that it had clearly begun to reject that purpose, and to reject the Bible as the authority on what is good or evil, wisdom or folly.
If you’re bewildered by the sad state of Britain today, by the pervasiveness of evil, and by the perversity of Parliament, it all makes sense when you realise and accept the hard truth that many of the puppet-masters pulling the strings of government, influencing public policy and directing the mainstream media are men and women who are committed to doing and spreading evil, as adherents of Satanism.
Of course the politicians are always going to say that what they’re doing is good. But often that is not the case. Nobody in their right mind would say there is a strong Christian influence on Parliament today.
For decades now, over and over again, Parliament has legislated against Biblical standards and principles. Parliament has long been opposed to upholding or applying truth and morality. In fact, for many years, Parliament has consistently done the opposite.
So why would you think it strange if the biggest influence on Government today turns out to be Satanists (those who practise witchcraft)? Christians clearly aren’t running the country. So whom do you think is?
Well, by their fruit you shall know them. Open your eyes. Look at the evidence all around you. Often, the Satanists are hiding in plain sight.
Satanists delight in causing death and destruction. They always seek to maximise their own power and to enslave other people. They happily hide behind ‘useful idiots’ as long as they are directing the tide of events to fit the country to their hidden agenda.
Once you grasp that Satanism is the head of the snake strangling the UK today, you get to the heart of the matter. Islamic terrorism, tyrannical LGBT intolerance and the abortionists’ holocaust are all terrible, but properly understood, these are ‘merely’ the useful idiots and lesser servants of the master ideology underlying them all: Satanism.
If you’re against the tide of evil sweeping over Britain today, it helps to know your enemy – your primary enemy. In terms of people, the primary enemy is those who practise Satanism (black witchcraft).
Many adherents of Satanism are rich, powerful and influential. They permeate all strata of society, and often occupy senior positions in many organisations. Satanists rarely identify themselves publicly as such (though there are ways to sniff them out).
Christians, and other people of good will, must focus on the presiding enemy confronting the country: Satanism. Slashing at the nettles may seem to make some sense, but weeds and brambles really must be pulled up at the root, lest they overrun and ruin the garden.
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