Samantha Baldwin update

FACT: the children in the Samantha Baldwin case are victims of sexual abuse by David Madge (and others).
FACT: Samantha Baldwin is a very good mother – from whom the children should never have been removed.
The key facts above are the correct and true facts of this case.  Both facts are established by abundant hard evidence (in the real world, where sanity and sense prevail).  Tragically, the State asserts the exact opposite of the facts above; the State is wrong.
In January 2019 I was formally entered into the Samantha Baldwin case by her solicitor.  I was a witness due to give evidence against David Madge.
My evidence, in a nutshell, was (and remains) that I directly witnessed David Madge sexually abusing a boy on 6 January 2019.
(And my evidence to that fact was tested and accepted by a jury in December 2019.  Tragically however, the only outcome of the jury trial could be my acquittal, rather than David Madge’s conviction, as it was the wrong man on trial, thanks to a corrupt detective, DI Sally Wootton, who instigated a malicious prosecution against me, in favour of David Madge.)
On 11 March 2019 I travelled to Nottingham – on my own time and at my own expense – from a different region of England, in order to testify on behalf of Samantha Baldwin and the child sex abuse victims the following day.
I attended the court on 12 March for the only reason that I had been called to give my evidence by High Court judge Alison Russell.  The rest is history; everybody knows what happened next.  Russell is corrupt and unfit to be a judge.
Everybody and especially the children have been forced to live with the evil consequences of Russell’s outrageous corruption from that day to this.  Russell handed down a lengthy, false and utterly perverse judgment in the case.  That was four years ago.
I am now looking to attempt a new legal intervention in the case.  Accordingly I am consulting lawyers.
Moreover, I am looking at what may be done lawfully to expose Russell for the crook she is, given the impediments of the legal system – impediments which exist to protect not children (as claimed by the system) but which are really to protect the likes of Russell.
Regular readers know my opinion of the legal system in general.  I do not call it a justice system; it is a legal system.  Never confuse law with true Justice.
In regard to the laws of England and Wales, there are good and bad laws.  To begin with, English law is not necessarily on the same side as the true Justice reality in any particular matter.  That’s before corrupt people like Russell become involved.
Combine bad law with a bad judge and the results are truly awful.  Not all judges are bad, of course; very many judges are decent and honest.  But there is hardly anything worse than a bent judge, and Alison Russell is one such.
As things stand, at the very most, we may have to wait until 2029 – when the State’s statutory protection of the corrupt Russell expires – to publish chapter and verse on Russell and her perverse judgment.  (That’s when the youngest child turns 18.)  However, I would like to report the truth of the matter, in detail, long before 2029, if a way may be found to do so lawfully.
Moreover, there remains the need to secure proper justice, protection and healing for the child victims.  Accordingly, I shall not only consult lawyers but also correspond with the courts and Parliament to that end.
From my point of view, the Samantha Baldwin story has ‘only’ been running unresolved for six years already.  (I first became involved on Monday 27 March 2017.)  I have worked a few cases which have lasted longer.  Long-running miscarriage-of-justice cases are a burden hard to bear, but bear with them we must.
Justice – the real thing – is in the hands of God.  Therefore, with God, there is always the sure hope of eventual victory, strength to persevere, and certainty that the truth will be finally established, His way, in His perfect timing.

‘Let Justice roll on like a river’

* * * * * * *

The story of the bad guys in the Samantha Baldwin case has barely been told to date – a situation which won’t last forever.  One point I wish to mention now is this: incest.  Incest is one of the [many] crimes in this case.  Child rape in the familial context is obviously incestuous.  Relevant too though to Sam’s story is incest between [presumably] consenting adults.  Even when all adult parties consent, incest is a criminal offence under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.  Eventually the story will be told in full.  There is undoubtedly a TV series or a book’s worth of material yet to go public.  Everything is Going to Be Okay (2020) by Samantha Baldwin covers only part of all that has happened.
* * * * * * *
I have good intelligence that David Madge continues to commit criminal offences under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (and other criminal statutes).  David Madge has been a sexual offender for many years already, and he has never stopped.  He is offending to this day.
The only thing – i.e. the only lawful thing – that would stop David Madge would be his prosecution, conviction and imprisonment for [some of] his criminal offences.
David Madge operates in different English locations around the UK, in addition to foreign locations.  (Of particular interest to investigators are his activity and associates in Belgium and the Netherlands.)
As I and others have found to our cost, in the UK, so far, David Madge has enjoyed high-level protection from corrupt police officers (and others in State agencies).
For example, report David Madge to the police in Devon – even for something as serious as a child sex offence – and the police will literally refuse to investigate him.  Worse, the police may actually attack any complainant against David Madge.  This is the reality of the high-level corruption in the Samantha Baldwin case.
This is because of David Madge’s high-level criminality – and that of some of his associates.  High-level paedophile and drugs rings and Satanist groups work assiduously to infiltrate, bribe or blackmail the police.  They especially prize higher-ranking officers (Inspector rank and above), but they will corrupt, compromise and control anybody who could be useful to them.  This is the problem in regard to David Madge (and pals).
David Madge has been mixed up in drugs and human trafficking for many years, in addition to sexual offences against children and adults.  Mr Madge is also known to have committed another type of serious crime, which I shall not identify explicitly here, but which I will say is a crime punishable by a life sentence.
To bring David Madge to justice is not [and has never been] about a lack of evidence.  Plentiful, reliable evidence exists.  Sufficient evidence has existed ever since two boys went to [corruption-controlled] Rochdale police eight years ago.
The problem is not lack of evidence.  The problem is corruption in our so-called Family and Criminal ‘Justice’ Systems, from police to courts – as well as in amongst their partner agencies (e.g. social workers).
However, with God, all things are possible.  True justice will prevail.


Above: recent surveillance images of David Madge (left)
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