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Boris Johnson: Minsk Agreements a “diplomatic charade”
Dr Anke Hill case update
Reporting Russia, January 2023
“Fact Checked”: Andrew Bridgen MP and Dr Mike Yeadon
Sunday Papers


Ukraine 2023: time to talk
Wilfred Wong: the Anglesey case is SRA
Alleged witchcraft case: Glasgow High Court hearing
Mike Knowles Carpet Line Direct
Pray for good government
Sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines: it was probably America
Rishi Sunak: Government lockdown propaganda “wrong from the beginning”
Sudden deaths and Covid ‘vaccines’
Fiddling while Britain’s burning
Sir Garth Morrison, chief of Scouts: the Royals’ other Jimmy Savile?
Samantha Baldwin case: the child sex abuser contacts me
Soft Slavery: nasty, brutal and effective
There is no ‘climate emergency’
Liz Truss would be a disaster as prime minister
Note to Tories: please don’t do it
Your Housing Group and Drug-related Crime
Legal pitfalls hindering vital investigative journalism
Ukraine is the USA’s proxy against Russia
BBC reports lie in Anglesey Child Rescue case
Mike Veale: a brief note re Ted Heath
Alain Juillet on background to Russia and Ukraine
Ukraine: “Civilian deaths deepen alienation in east”
CPS pursues non-prosecution policy for some homicides
RCVS disciplinary hearing for child-rescuing vet Dr Anke Hill
Carol Gobey on child trafficking in Luxembourg
Wilfred Wong case: the Bar knew of judge Nicola Jones’ bias on first day of trial
Tony Blair peer Lord Ahmed sentenced
Persecution of Australian Christians


Daily Post in false statement about Wilfred Wong case
Crown Court judge BANS release of Anke Hill restraining order
Samantha Baldwin case: child rape accused Mike Knowles leaves Mercado Flooring
Wilfred Wong child rescue: the truth
Mr Smith’s Vegetable Garden (BBC series & book, 1976)
Operation Pitting
UK Government decides against high stakes court battle with journalist Richard Carvath
Guinea pigs
Emma Barnett doing a great job on BBC R4 Woman’s Hour
Finally, some truth seeping out in MSM over Wilfred Wong
Peter Hitchens on the Royal Navy
Guilty verdict for Wilfred Wong
RNLI right to rescue migrants crossing the English Channel
Shonaig Macpherson loses employment tribunal
Shirley Oaks and Lambeth
Peter Hitchens: Prime Minister knew Covid restrictions “bullshit”
David Aaronovitch
Police failing to detect concealed penis evidence
Sadiq Khan making Boris Johnson look good!
Stonewall trying to distance itself from Satanism
Carvath’s secret mission in Manchester’s ‘Gay Village’
THANK YOU Richard Willis
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill: GOOD NEWS
Judge Nicola Jones SILENT over journalist she kicked out of court
Thanks for BBC support
Martin Bashir BBC Panorama 1992: In the Name of Satan?
How to start a war with Russia
Mother says Thomas Valva an SRA victim
Samantha Baldwin: the truth hidden, the facts frustrated
Wilfred Wong in Parliament
DIY abortion stats
Detta O’Cathain
Statement on journalist Sonia Poulton
Dr Mike Yeadon: lockdowns are futile
Wilfred Wong on SRA child sex abuse and ritual human sacrifice
Wilfred Wong on Syria, Iraq and middle East
Wilfred Wong and Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Lord Alton criticises Chinese Government
Johnson Government breaks 2019 Tory election manifesto pledge on UK Defence
Samantha Baldwin sequel
Geoffrey Dickens MP in action
Geoffrey Dickens MP: child sex abuse dossiers
Recorder of Sheffield scuppers Lord Ahmed child sex abuse trial
Gay honesty therapy
Vicky Haigh story: UK Athletics expected to revisit case of banned kiddy coach David Tune
Peter Hitchens: the police have become a “state militia”
Sex-radical ideology erasing women
Recorder of Sheffield refuses appeal against Recorder of Sheffield
Mark Schwalbe: betrayed by Lancashire Police
Paedophiles’ Paradise
Barnabas Fund news
Samantha Baldwin exclusive: Crown Court audio evidence of witness tampering and perverting the course of justice by High Court judge
Forest Brook House: some good news
Faith not fear
Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill
Containers, Ports and Carpets


Shonaig Macpherson and Kenneth Ferguson
Welsh Government pushing Kiddy Sex agenda in schools
Gypsies and Jesus
Paedophiles IN the Police
Mike and Dave (and little boys)
Linked Out
Samantha Baldwin publishes her first book
The Times attacks Patrick Sookhdeo
Child protection expert Wilfred Wong
Death in Doncaster: Russell Lee Platts
Back in England / Frances Pencheon does it again
Satanism in South Africa
Caught out in Court: child sex abuser David Madge
A passion for policing
How has David Madge got away with it for so long?
Freedom would be Good
Saddleworth beheading
Police threaten elderly English Christians at Speakers’ Corner
Meet Mike Knowles of Mercado flooring


BBC news report: major London protest over Family Courts in Crisis
SRA is gruesome but it is not beyond belief
Christian Institute is right about Children and Pornography
Lessons in Logistics
GMP knew of child sex allegations against Stanley Casson and son
That’s unusual: Satanist Stanley Casson was an active company director until his death aged 93
SRA and human sacrifice: some British history
Council covered up rejection of Casson coven’s Satanist nursery
Gilchrist: loads of illegal raves on the moors
Detectives jailed for sabotaging child abuse investigations
The fantasy world of GMP Rochdale CID and PPIU
Person of interest: judge Alison Russell
Reality of SRA: online availability of audiovisual indicators/evidence
SRA: a little logic
CJS broken
New evidence vindicates hero mum Vicky Haigh
God’s word to Tyson Fury
The wisdom of Barbara Cartland
Etiquette (good manners)
Petition to Save Baby from Family Court death order about to hit 100,000
Rory Stewart was a spy – and the public has a right to know
My favourite Stalin quote
Non sibi sed patriae vixit
US Supreme Court: Justice Clarence Thomas on eugenics
Christians and scientists
Sint Maarten and other islands
David Madge is a Child Sex Abuser
Do I do a Daily Mail “Murderers” article?
Facial Recognition Technology
Cecil Hugh Williamson: MI6 and witchcraft/Satanism
Satanism: the truth on display in Cornwall
Safer Recruitment Consortium
Sandys Superstars and GMP: a quick comment
Brexit (I hope)


Thank You to Ealing Police
Commissioner Ian Dyson QPM and ex-Met detective Jon Wedger
Ealing Police called out FOUR TIMES to investigate Richard Carvath Free Speech Protests
Ealing Police called out to investigate Richard Carvath “standing aggressively” on Mattock Lane
Ealing Police detain journalist under anti-terror law
Heil Rupa!
Ealing PSPO Zone street sign
Snaresbrook jury verdict: Patrick Sookhdeo NOT guilty
Jesus Christ at Gloucester carnival 2018
Stanley Casson a friend of Latics doctors
Police DNA tested Casson ‘person of interest’ in Lesley Molseed case
Casson associate visited Oldham nursery and tried to open Ashton nursery
La Libertad de expresion es Sagrada
Stanley Casson: a serial sex offender
Kathleen Waugh case: artist’s impression of ‘person of interest’
Allegation: Stanley Casson raped daughter-in-law and buggered grandson
Stanley Casson was a Satanist, but did he murder Kathleen Waugh?
Alina Dulgheriu High Court challenge to Ealing abortion PSPO
Geoffrey Dickens MP accused Casson Coven of Kathleen Waugh murder
Brief response to BPAS abortion advocate Ann Furedi
Abortionists’ darling Anna Veglio-White: she who must be obeyed?
Life-saving pro-life public activity under threat in Manchester and Ealing
Freemasons at Westminster
Foolish and dangerous cuts to the Royal Marines
Ofsted gunning for the Christian Institute
Who was pulling Matthew Sephton’s strings?
Vindicated: Matthew Sephton is indeed a homosexual pervert
Some proof of Satanism


Operation Conifer report: Wiltshire Police confirm receipt of Satanist Ritual Abuse allegations against Sir Edward Heath
Satanism’s onward march in 21st century Britain
You do the maths
Taunton homosexuals and police attack Mike Overd yet again
Sir Edward Heath accused of Satanist Ritual Abuse on child victims
Sir Roger Moore on Paedophilia
Met Police child prostitution cover up: Detective Jonathan Wedger tells all
Richard Whiteley a Spy – really?
Bristol Preachers trial: the WRONG verdict: Mike Overd and Michael Stockwell convicted of public disorder crime


Boots On The Ground by Richard Dannatt
Wiltshire Police to review Patrick Sookhdeo investigation
Met Police “no arrests” after anti-Jewish violence at UCL Hen Mazzig meeting
No-nonsense Judge Jane McIvor says William Campbell-Taylor court order “Wrong”
St Paul’s silent on homosexual cohabitation in cathedral residence
Church of England maintains SRA silence
Hackney Vicar and Vulnerable Male set for Stratford September Showdown
Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: resignation letter of Professor Michael Lamb
City of London Standards Committee: misconduct allegation made against Councilman William Campbell-Taylor
Thames Magistrates: Hackney vicar gets new court date
Judge blasts “Bad Taste” Vicar
Archbishop Justin Welby snubs victims of Satanist Ritual Abuse
Crown Office Procurator Fiscal and the Press
Patrick Sookhdeo set for February 2017 trial at Snaresbrook
No Northern Powerhouse without heavy industry


Mike Overd retrial: the wisdom of Judge David Ticehurst
Audio: One of the ‘Schoolgirls’ on sale in Truro, Cornwall
Homosexuals to split Church of England by 2017?
Extremist gathering near the Home Office
Cornwall’s Schoolgirl Porn Shame
Social Services stealing yet more children
Met Police order removal of Jesus Christ banner at Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner
An Englishman’s Shirt in New York
Devon & Cornwall: large rise in recorded violent and sexual crimes
No news for Braveheart
Sexy Burqa?
Mike Overd accuser Darren Chalmers in a relationship with dildo salesman
Police whistleblower slams war on Mike Overd
Parachute Regiment backs Mike Overd
Claire Perry MP
Electoral Commission banned ‘offensive’ political party
It could soon be a crime to say F**k in Salford
Linda Jones sentencing
Comment on Linda Jones
St Albans trial: Linda Jones testimony, Tuesday
Linda Jones trial, Monday
Linda Jones trial: displaying the flag of Israel is a hate crime?
NHS: why no money for hospices or air ambulances?
Silencing Michael Overd
Michael Overd EXCLUSIVE: Avon and Somerset Police vowed to “get rid” of street preacher
Thomas Orchard death in police custody
Robert Green, the Greigs, Salmond and Angiolini
Michael Overd trial, second day
Michael Overd trial, first day
Educating Peter


Zero hours contracts (and Cornish precedent)
Jane Ellison MP: the art of implication
Boris Johnson lied to the High Court
A Chief Inspector spills the beans
GMP organised crime report (2012) goes online