Above: 1990s newsprint.  A golden oldie by Richard Carvath.

Richard said, “I disown this article and object to its being re-published online.  Frankly, it’s a shocker.  To be fair, I do blame the editor, because, apart from my photographic work – on good old 35mm film – the article as published bore little resemblance to my original copy.  That headline certainly wasn’t mine.  Work hacked to death by somebody else is enough to put you off bylines for life.”
“This story – what was left of it – was about a band then managed by Graham Lambert – once the guitarist with Oldham band Inspiral Carpets.  As I recall, I first met with Mr Lambert in central Manchester, and afterwards I met the band members at their studio.”
“They were a popular band.  They were the support act when Bon Jovi played at the old Maine Road stadium.  Well, pop music is a business; unfortunately they were unable to get a suitable recording and distribution deal, despite the best efforts of their manager.”