COP26 Glasgow (global warming)

There is NO climate change crisis

At present (Glasgow COP26) the propaganda of a climate crisis is deafeningly loud.

Mainstream media is awash with the propaganda message that:

(1) there is a global crisis now,

because of

(2) global warming,

caused by

(3) man-made carbon emissions.

The propaganda is presented as absolute truth backed by unquestionable science.

But climate crisis propaganda is false information.

There is no climate change crisis.

Sound science does not support the propaganda at all, but rather contradicts it.

The alarmist propaganda has successfully deceived and frightened countless people in recent years, such that we need urgently to give careful consideration to what ‘Saving the Planet’ is really all about.

The current clamour to ‘Save the Planet’ is cover for a sinister agenda.

The real purpose of radical carbon reduction policy is the destruction of [primarily] Western economies and societies, by destroying that critical energy infrastructure which is essential to vital daily functions and our general economic prosperity.

‘Saving the Planet’ won’t save the planet (which needs no saving), but ‘Saving the Planet’ will likely serve to impoverish the lives of millions of ordinary people in the West, and facilitate a global de-population under increasingly authoritarian forms of government around the world.

‘Saving the Planet’ is really about the ‘Freezing to Death’ of life for many people in Western countries.  The planet won’t be saved, but millions of people will see their lives destroyed in the process.

‘Greenhouse gases’ (GHGs) are vital to life on Earth.

Without any greenhouse gases, the planet would be about 33 degrees Celsius colder.

Now that really would be a climate catastrophe!  We would quite literally freeze to death.

The Greenhouse Effect is generally beneficial, for without it, life on earth would cease.

The atmosphere is mostly nitrogen and oxygen – being gases with no greenhouse effect.

Significant greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane – but far and away the most important greenhouse gas is . . . water vapour.

Of the total global effect of greenhouse gases, almost all is caused by water vapour – with only about 3.3°C due to carbon dioxide (CO2).

Human-generated carbon emissions by the burning of fossil fuels account for less than five per cent of the total global carbon ‘budget’.

Not only is a fluctuating level of atmospheric CO2 incapable by itself of causing a catastrophic global temperature change (either hotter or colder); it is also clear that the impact of human activity upon CO2 levels is so small as to be insignificant.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – whether human generated or not – will never and could never be a cause of soaring temperatures to bring catastrophe to people around the world.

But radical changes to energy policy, in the name of ‘Saving the Planet’, will be hugely detrimental to many people.

We cannot control the weather – the very idea is ridiculous – but human government does possess the power to modify human activity to the benefit or harm of large populations.

The agenda to ‘Save the Planet’ is really an agenda which can only lead to the destruction of large numbers of people, but those behind pushing that agenda aren’t going to stop trying to persuade as many people as possible to co-operate in their own demise.

The fake global warming crisis stands in stark contrast to a range of genuine environmental issues and hazards for which humans really are responsible – and able to remedy.

For example, much air pollution in cities is caused directly by human activity and is hazardous to health, and we are able to do something about reducing that pollution, with viable solutions of genuine benefit (e.g. by minimising unnecessary motoring and increasing walking and cycling).

We ought to be actively concerned about tackling genuine environmental issues, but the ‘Climate Change Crisis’ is a dangerous lie to be condemned and opposed.

Please read this excellent, in-depth article:

There is no climate emergency!

But we do have a political crisis of lies and propaganda which, if acted upon, will bring much harm to many people.