Recommended reading: Corona False Alarm?  Facts and Figures (October 2020) by Karina Reiss and Sucharit Bhakdi.

Given the known scientific facts, the compulsory masking, distancing and lockdown of entire general populations in many countries is unjustified and unnecessary on public health grounds.

Furthermore, the lockdowns and other State-imposed measures are nothing short of disastrous to the freedom, health and prosperity of many millions of people in the UK and abroad.

Lockdowns do nothing but cause serious harm, and the longer the lockdown lunacy prevails, the greater the damage done.

That is the only rational conclusion which every intelligent person arrives at, who eschews UKgovernment/NHS/BigPharma propaganda and takes the time to research and study the facts of the matter.

Please WAKE UP! – if you haven’t already – and think for yourself.

This totalitarian nightmare should never have happened, but it was allowed to happen by the majority of the public falling for the State’s lies and/or being unwilling to take a stand against the unfolding tyranny.

Given that it has happened, and this lockdown tyranny is currently ‘the new normal’, the sooner more people wake up to the truth and begin to act accordingly, the sooner we improve our prospects for the recovery of our essential freedoms.


Please WAKE UP!

Read a good book such as Corona False Alarm? by Reiss and Bhakdi.