From the very beginning, when the Covid-19 situation began in March 2020, Richard Carvath has always been against lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccine passports and any form of State coercion to take vaccines.
Richard has always said that lockdowns were unjustified and unnecessary and would cause far more harm and long-term devastation than Covid-19 ever could.  So it has now proved.  Richard was right all along, and the UK Government was wrong.  The UK Government destroyed the lives of millions of British people on a false public health pretext.  It should not have happened but it did.  We ought to ensure that nothing like it is ever allowed to happen again.
Richard is not ‘anti-vax’.  In regard to the unlicensed experimental products (of various pharmaceutical companies) called Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ by the NHS, Richard has never taken any so-called Covid-19 ‘vaccine’, on the grounds that the threat posed by Covid-19 was not sufficient to warrant doing so, because the experimental ‘vaccines’ might themselves be hazardous to health, and also because he was aware (few were) that the development of the ‘vaccines’ was linked to unethical research involving the remains of aborted babies.