It didn’t begin with a big bang.  Planet earth is not millions of years old.  You are not an evolved ape.  You are a human being created ‘in the image of God’.  God created the universe and everything in it, just a few thousand years ago, over a period of six days – exactly as documented in the factual, historical account of creation given in Genesis (the Bible).  If you want to know the truth, please read the Bible.  Also see the FAQs page of  Many people today believe in the theory of evolution, and believe that it represents sound science and established fact – though it is obvious nonsense – because it is what they have been told to think, particularly by mainstream media; most such people today are unfamiliar with the Bible, or with the large body of real science and hard evidence which, inevitably, accords with the truth of the Bible.  Read and study the Bible, and consider the content of a good science website like  If after studying the Bible and you continue to believe you’re related to a gorilla or a chimpanzee, well, you’ll continue to be in error about that; but no intelligent person persists with what is false after learning what is true.  All sensible people who seek the truth about origins find the truth in the historical fact of Creation, by God, just as God’s Word (the Bible) says.