Dr Anke Hill

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Above: child rescue hero Dr Anke Hill (Seegert).

ANKE HILL UPDATE 23 January 2023

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Dr Anke Hill (b. 30 December 1969) is the daughter of the late Dr. Ing. Diedrich Seegert (b. 28 April 1938).

Dr. Ing. Diedrich Seegert was a managing director (German companies can have more than one MD) and authorised signatory for German company Preussag Anlagenbau GmbH (from 28 June 1991 to 25 July 1996).  Moreover, Dr Seegert was a director of British company Whessoe LGA Gas Technology Limited (1 October 1996 to 1 February 1999).  (T/a Whessoe Projects Limited at that time.)  The late Dr Seegert is associated with Braunschweig (Brunswick), Wolfenbuttel, Salzgitter and Hanover, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen).  Dr Seegert had expertise in engineering related to tanks and terminals for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).
In 2022, Richard Carvath said: “In November 2020, Dr Anke Hill, Mrs Janet Stevenson, Mr Wilfred Wong and others attempted to rescue a child from the so-called ‘care’ of the State.  The child was re-taken by the State and the rescuers were accused of a criminal offence – conspiracy to kidnap.  The possibility of a fair trial in the matter was always unlikely, and so it proved.  There is a perfectly legitimate defence to kidnap, which – as was relevant in this case – revolves around the reasonableness of the act, and the consent of the person concerned.  However, judge Nicola Jones ensured that the jury heard no evidence appropriate to such a defence.  The ‘reasonable excuse’ in law for the physical seizure of the child by the rescuers is rooted in the issues of child protection in the background to this case, and also in the unreasonableness – and, indeed, the illegality (impossible to correct, given the corrupt legal system) – of a secret court’s egregious decision to put the child into State ‘care’.  Needless to say, the child did not consent to being seized by the State.  This was the real kidnap of the child.  At the trial, the burden was on the prosecution to prove that the child did not consent to his rescue.  The prosecution could not and did not prove this; in my opinion – on the evidence available to me – it is quite obvious that, within minutes of the initial seizure of the child by the rescuers, once the child had understood what was happening, he wholeheartedly consented to going with the rescue party and was very happy to be escaping his State captors, and also his child sex abuser.  Since the trial in July 2021, a large volume of false information and utter nonsense has been published about the Anglesey Child Rescuers by mainstream media happy to parrot the disinformation of judge Nicola Jones, the Crown Prosecution Service, North Wales Police and even the child sex abuser in this case.  To date, no more than a glimpse of the truth of this case has seen the light of day.  I have carefully researched this case in detail; so also have members of the German press.  I can state quite categorically and with absolute certainty that the child in this case was a victim of sadistic child sexual abuse by his father over a prolonged period.  The police failed to protect the child or to bring the abuser to justice; worse, as things stand, the child remains in grave danger, as well as separated from good adults from whom he ought not to be apart.  I have no doubt whatsoever that the child is the victim of that child sexual abuse by his father which he disclosed and reported to various people, including the police, on numerous occasions.  From top to bottom, this case is a monstrous and monumental miscarriage of justice.  German journalists are working to expose and report the truth of this case in 2023.”