Family courts

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As anybody who knows anything about family courts knows, family courts are almost entirely anti-family.
‘Family court’ is an artificial, contrived term for propaganda purposes – to make something evil and bad sound good.
Family is a good word with a long-established plain meaning; the ‘family courts’ have misappropriated the word.
And the ‘family courts’ were not the first to do so.
Consider the terms ‘family planning’, with which you are familiar, and the terms ‘family films’ or ‘family videos’, with which you are probably not familiar (in the following paedophilic-pornography context).
The ‘Family Planning’ term is a euphemism for contraception and abortion, coined in the 1960s.
Also in the 1960s, when the cultural revolution began in earnest (with a particular emphasis upon sexual permissiveness), the ‘Family Films’ term was the euphemism used by pornographers for films depicting the sexual abuse of children.
Later, in the 1980s, with the arrival of VHS, ‘Family Films’ became ‘Family Videos’.
This historical example of the misuse of the word ‘family’ by pornographers may come as a particularly potent revelation to the many mothers (and a few fathers) who have tried to protect their children from paedophiles in ‘family court’, only to find that ‘family court’ sided with the paedophile.
When you consider that the people providing and profiting from ‘Family Videos’ really meant Child Sex Abuse Videos, it’s helpful to understanding that the people who provide and profit from ‘Family Courts’ really mean Child Sex Abusers’ Courts (or Domestic Abusers’ Courts).
There’s little to no money to be made in giving justice – and giving it swiftly – to genuine victims.  Protecting children from abuse is not what so-called ‘Family Courts’ are set up to do; these courts are set up to facilitate the exact opposite (and that’s why they are secret courts).  There is a vast amount of money to be made from dragging things out – to bleed the good, protective parent dry – and from forced fostering and adoption processes.  ‘Family Court’ is, in effect, a child trafficking industry empowered – and bestowed with a false ‘legal’ veneer of legitimacy – by the State.
‘Family Courts’ are the paedophile’s paradise, with good reason, for they are really Paedophiles’ Courts.
When you understand that ‘Family Courts’ are really Paedophiles’ Courts, it all makes sense.
And  of course they’re not going to call Paedophiles’ Courts by an honest term – hence we have the term ‘Family Courts’.