GMP Institutionally Corrupt

EXCLUSIVE: Greater Manchester Police Institutionally CORRUPT!

(Published 23 March 2014, copyright Richard Carvath)

UPDATE (26 December 2016)
Institutionally Corrupt was published back in 2014.  This widely-read document was a hybrid form of popular print journalism: part standard report, part press release and part evidence dossier.
Institutionally Corrupt was the culmination of a long-running investigation by journalists looking into Manchester’s vice trade and police.  The origins of that investigation date to the early 2000s.  Richard Carvath served as the ‘frontman’ for the team.
Greater Manchester Police (GMP) finally raided and closed the Sandy’s Superstars brothels in Prestwich and Northenden in November 2016, over two-and-a-half years after the publication of Institutionally Corrupt.
It remains t0 be seen whether GMP will follow up its recent raid against the Sandys Superstars Gang by enforcing the law against all of the other illegal brothels which continue to trade in Manchester to this day.