Love Baby Life

Richard Carvath is Pro-life – or, as he often says, “I love baby-life.”
What does that mean?  It means that Richard believes in the sanctity and right-to-life of all people, from conception until natural death.
Richard has publicly expressed his love for all baby life for many years now, through collaborations with pro-life groups, via a parliamentary candidacy, and most recently through his opposition to so-called ‘buffer zones’ (under PSPO legislation) around abortionists’ premises.
There are actually two issues with these so-called ‘buffer zones’: there is the question of hating baby-life itself (i.e. abortion), and there is also the matter of fundamental liberty – the basic freedom to speak in public places in the UK.
PSPO zones around abortionists’ premises are offensive not only to particular people – unborn babies whose lives are at risk – but also the zones are generally offensive to anybody who believes in that most basic British liberty, namely the freedom to speak.
In 2018, Richard Carvath pioneered an effective practical response to the first ever PSPO ‘buffer zone’ (re abortion) on Mattock Lane in Ealing.
Richard realised that the PSPO did not prohibit protest against the PSPO, and Richard established that it was lawful to conduct freedom of speech protests against the PSPO inside the PSPO zone, including directly outside the abortionists’ premises.
Richard conducted his free speech protests against the PSPO in silence, without approaching any passer-by, by means of displaying a blank placard.  Despite there being no message on the placard, everybody who saw the placard got the message.
The Metropolitan Police established that Richard’s 2018 free speech protests directly outside the Marie Stopes building were lawful.
Richard’s pioneering work paved the way for the more recent protesting against ‘buffer zones’ (such as here/here).
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