In the twentieth-century, Great Britain was an innovative industrial giant with a vast manufacturing base which employed millions of British workers and exported British-made goods around the globe.
It’s hard to imagine now, but that’s how Britain used to be – just a couple of generations back.  The early twentieth-century peak in British manufacturing had its roots in the Industrial Revolution which began in mid-eighteenth century Britain.
How and why did Great Britain – the very birthplace of modern industry itself, the home of so many pioneering manufacturing companies – cease being ‘great’?  What lessons are to be learned if we’re to fix what was broken?
The fascinating story of Eley Brothers is just one amongst many classic case studies in the rise and fall of British manufacturing – and it’s easy to research on Grace’s Guide to British industrial history.  Discover how great British manufacturers like Eley, Kynoch, Sunbeam, Nobel and ICI originated, how they were linked and what became of them.
Workers at the Kynoch Lion Works in Birmingham feature in this 1901 film, courtesy of another useful online resource, the British Film Institute.  Happy history hunting…