Ms Justice Russell DBE

A [false] judgment was handed down by a particularly evil and corrupt judge, Ms Justice Russell DBE, in 2019.
The judgment is extremely bad indeed, and warrants a comprehensive rebuttal in fine detail; however, the State’s legal system is such that it is effectively impossible for any journalist to publish the necessary rebuttal without a very high risk of attack by the State (i.e. two years’ imprisonment).
Richard Carvath said, “To summarise Alison Russell’s judgment in just two words, it is . . . TOTAL EXCREMENT.”
“There are numerous – and extremely serious – falsehoods in the Russell judgment.”
“Russell makes outrageous false statements about various people.”
“Were it not for the State’s threat to imprison any journalist reporting truth in certain matters, contrary to the will of State agents, I would publish a detailed, line-by-line rebuttal of Russell.”
“As it is, with better things to do than to be a political prisoner for two years, I must consider these brief remarks sufficient: indeed, I am confident that many people will have a very good idea of what I would say, were it not for the Gags of the State’s legal system.”
“I issued a statement in 2021 – still available online – in which I publicly accused High Court judge Alison Russell of perverting the course of justice.  My evidence for that fact includes Crown Court audio recordings.”
“I continue to stand by my 2021 statement: it is a brief summary of MY JUDGMENT on Russell.  I leave it to the public to discern which judgment is true.”
“Any time Russell – who has never shown the courage or decency to meet me in person – wants to step onto a level playing field for a fair fight before the public, I’m ready to debate her ridiculous findings of ‘fact’ and expose her for the evil, corrupt person she is – a judge who knowingly makes false findings against innocent people, and thus intentionally destroys the lives of innocents.”
“I look forward to the day when true and full justice is served upon this so-called ‘Ms Justice’ – this despicable clown in a wig and gown; this enemy of the people; this enemy of God; this perverse mocker and inverter of truth; this contemptible rogue; this traitor to truth and justice.  I pray justice be done upon Alison Russell, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”