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The old front page

(Carvath WordPress front page text as at 31 December 2022)

London-based journalist Richard Carvath, 46, covers news stories and runs investigations around the UK.  Here on WordPress you’ll find some of Richard’s public interest journalism (straight reporting of fact) over the years – all free to access – plus other content such as news and social commentary, short features, photos and humour.

An overhaul of all Richard’s content and his online modus operandi is underway, to improve the presentation and accessibility of old content, and to update in order to do things better in future.  That process should be completed by mid 2023.

In the meantime, you’re most welcome to browse through a few of the old stories, such as . . . Richard’s successful campaign to compel Greater Manchester Police to close illegal premises operated by the Sandys Superstars crime syndicate . . . Richard’s public identification of the Conservative Party’s Matthew Sephton as a pervert – nine years before the former LGBTory boss was convicted of child pornography offences . . . Richard’s public backing (in 2016) of the innocence of former British military adviser Dr Patrick Sookhdeo after he was charged with a sexual offence alleged in 1977, with Richard first to report Sookhdeo’s acquittal after trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court in 2018 . . . Richard’s tireless work (from 2017) on the famous case of heroic mum Samantha Baldwin, in which Richard was the first and only journalist to expose in detail the State cover-up of a scandalous failure to protect two young boys from the father against whom both boys alleged extreme abuse – in a case which saw the Lord Chief Justice intervene on Richard’s side . . . Richard’s initiation (in 2018) of the Free Speech Protests against the Ealing Labour Party’s PSPO legal order which bans freedom of speech on Mattock Lane in Ealing, London . . . Richard’s acquittal (in December 2019), when a jury at Swindon Crown Court found Richard NOT GUILTY of stalking the notorious father in the Samantha Baldwin case – the jury having accepted Richard’s defence that he had not stalked the Satanist paedophile, but rather had acted to prevent and detect the bad dad’s crime . . . or Richard’s being threatened four times in four weeks (in July 2021) by police and government lawyers over his involvement in the trial of international human rights activist Wilfred Wong at Caernarfon Crown Court – leading (in August 2021) to the Solicitor General’s intervention in favour of Richard to stop the threats, and Richard at liberty thereafter to assert the conviction of children’s champion Mr Wong on a conspiracy-to-kidnap indictment is wrong, and that the conduct of the judge in sabotaging Richard’s lawful reporting of the trial was outrageous.

Nota bene: (1) the straight journalistic content (i.e. topical articles reporting plain facts) published by Richard Carvath, here on the Carvath WordPress platform (but also elsewhere online, notably Twitter) is free-to-access journalism which might be described variously as public interest journalism, or charitable or pro bono journalism.  It takes time and energy, and costs money – sometimes with personal risk attached – as well as requiring journalistic trade* skills to generate this kind of journalistic content – yet it is published here at no cost to the reader.  (* Richard holds to the traditional view of journalism as a trade occupation rather than a profession.)  What you are getting is non-profit journalism funded by the journalist rather than the readership.  (2) Richard Carvath began in print journalism in the 1990s, moving swiftly into investigative work – often involving deep-cover assignments – with potentially serious, lifelong liabilities, thus obliging a general eschewal of bylines.  Richard’s paid, trade journalism (i.e. work of gathering, verifying and supplying/reporting facts) is not published under his own name, in print or online.  (Put another way: you won’t find that content here.)  (3) Richard’s paid, trade journalism and his PI (private investigations) work being ‘two sides of the same coin’ is further reason for the ‘No bylines’ policy – and especially so given that his PI work sometimes extends into PMC work (private military contracting).  (4) So, what you see of Richard online is only that part of his journalism undertaken and published on a charitable basis.  (5) In addition to the straight journalistic content published here (and elsewhere online), there is also other, non-journalistic content to be found – whether opinion, satire, entertainment or personal anecdote.  Readers are generally trusted to discern which is which, without every article bearing an explicit categorisation.  (6) From the beginning of 2022, and thereafter, all publications here are published either by Richard himself, or by an Admin acting only with Richard’s full knowledge and approval.  (7) Prior to the end of 2021, for many years Richard’s online presence (WordPress and elsewhere) functioned differently, in that though the majority of publications were written and published by Richard himself, occasionally some publications were made by others – with no input from Richard at all – who availed themselves of Richard’s decision to facilitate potentially dangerous investigative journalism by making Carvath platforms available to function as a front for others.  Such an unorthodox scenario is rare in contemporary British journalism, but it is not without historical precedent (e.g. the clandestine use of national newspaper articles for military intelligence purposes during the Second World War).  Material published by others under Richard’s name was often for tactical purposes in interactions with third parties.  (An example of an old investigation which featured others’ content is the Sandys Superstars case.)  The operation of this frontman/fall-guy facility ceased at the end of 2021.  (8) Richard has published online since the 2000s.  Periodically, as content ages, some/most of the oldest content is removed; Richard does not maintain online a permanent, comprehensive archive of all content ever published.