Richard Taylor

In 2023 Richard Carvath said, “In 2017 I wrote an article about Welsh preacher Richard Taylor.  That article is no longer live on Carvath WordPress.  In 2017 I gave Mr Taylor the benefit of the doubt in regard to whether or not he really was a Christian.  I wrote then as if Mr Taylor were a backsliding Christian, rather than a non-Christian.  Today, the evidence is now abundantly clear that Mr Taylor is not a follower of Jesus, just as he has also abandoned his wife – the mother of his children.  This is all deeply saddening, but Mr Taylor is free to do as he has done – though he will never be free of the consequences.  Mr Taylor has chosen to pursue his belief in his own media personality status, and to please himself with a different woman not his wife.  Jesus continues to say ‘Repent’ – before it’s too late.  I pray God may give Mr Taylor’s wife the strength to survive the betrayal she has suffered.”