SRA (Satanist Ritual Abuse)

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Richard Carvath is working towards the launch of a new ministry to combat and expose SRA activity in the UK, and to facilitate justice and healing for SRA victims.  Please check back here for updates and new resources over the course of 2023.
Richard is neither a [current/former] Satanist/witch/occultist nor an SRA victim himself; however, Richard is knowledgeable about and has had some personal experience of dealing with SRA/witchcraft/occult matters and persons.
Though never having experienced SRA cruelty and torture himself, in a different context Richard has experienced and survived prolonged and severe physical and psychological torture (in adulthood).  Therefore, perhaps more than most, Richard does possess some substantial insight into the extreme suffering of child victims of SRA torture; though not an SRA victim himself, Richard is not a stranger to horrific events.


(Is SRA the same thing as paedophilia or sadism?)

SRA is, properly understood, unmistakably an evil criminal activity which is only perpetrated – by definition – by Satanists/witches (witchcraft and Satanism being essentially one and the same).  Satanists who commit SRA are not the same as ‘paedophiles who get dressed up in masks and cloaks’ to abuse children.
A person may be both a Satanist and a paedophile (and/or a Sadist), and a paedophile network may overlap with a Satanist coven, but genuinely SRA activity is fundamentally the practical expression of Satanist/witchcraft beliefs – SRA does not have as a primary motive a perverted and unnatural attraction to children (paedophilia) on the part of those abusing children.
It is important to call SRA for what it is, in genuine cases of SRA.  It is equally important not to misrepresent a ‘paedophile who wears a devil mask’ during the rape of a child as a case of SRA.
Paedophiles sexually abuse and rape children.  Satanists committing SRA do sexually abuse and rape children but ‘only’ as one aspect of their SRA, and there is much more to the SRA than ‘just’ child sexual abuse: SRA is a total torture system – physical, sexual and psychological – inflicted repeatedly and over time (sometimes for years) upon mostly child victims, and all done in the clear context of occult rituals and Satanist beliefs.
Just as it is necessary to distinguish paedophilic sexual abuse of children by paedophiles from the SRA sexual abuse of children by Satanists, another form of child sexual abuse which is not SRA is Sadism.  Neither Sadists nor paedophiles (or sadistic paedophiles) who sexually abuse children are committing SRA.
Sadism is a sexual perversion in which the Sadist takes pleasure in humiliating or inflicting pain upon his victim; as such, Sadism may encompass sexual abuse in combination with forms of torture.  However, Sadism does not amount to SRA.
Both Sadism and paedophilia are sexual perversions which may manifest in criminal acts against children by adult perverts; SRA is a total system for the ritualistic torture of children by Satanists who commit that SRA in fulfilment of their Satanist belief system.
(Nota bene: not all persons who identify as Satanists – or as witches, occultists, pagans – engage in SRA or serious criminal activity.)


Any correct answer must include the word Yes . . . but it is essential to understand that to be concerned about SRA is to be concerned about the welfare of other people – human beings – rather than being focused upon the activity of any invisible spiritual entity.
Deliverance ministry (the expulsion of demons) is relevant to SRA, but nobody needs to believe in the existence of Satan or demons to be opposed to SRA or to want to help SRA victims.
SRA is about what people (Satanists) do to other people (their victims).
There is no need to hold any particular religious or spiritual beliefs in order to accept and understand the reality that there are evil people who commit serious crimes against children by means of SRA – or to want to do something about it.
Christians should approach the subject of SRA in the light of the biblical truth with which they ought to be familiar; as for those who are not Christian, though to become better acquainted with the Bible is always good to do, all people regardless of their beliefs have common sense and humanity enough to recognise that SRA is a real problem affecting real people whom they may choose to help.


Yes.  Surviving victims of SRA often suffer from dissociative identity disorder (DID) or other mental health problems.  A high correlation exists between SRA and DID.


Various effective – though unethical or evil – psychological methods exist by which people may programme the minds of other people in order to control them.  Some methods involve the administration of drugs to victims, or the subjection of victims to near-death terror experiences.
A key purpose of SRA is often to attain and exercise power over victims.  Witchcraft in its essence is any evil means by which a witch (Satanist) may manipulate and/or intimidate and thus dominate a victim in order to achieve the witch’s end.  Therefore, it is correct to say that the deliberate mental programming – however exactly it is achieved – of SRA victims, to bind victims to the will of the Satanists, is a very common feature of SRA.
A high correlation exists between SRA and trauma-based mind control.
Having said that, it’s important to be aware that mind control techniques are practised in many contexts other than Satanism, such that to encounter evidence of mind control in a person does not automatically mean that the programmer must have been a Satanist practising SRA.
For example, mind control techniques incorporating repeated stress and punishment are commonplace in the military training context: soldiers are programmed to obey orders, to kill, to think and act in a certain way.
Mind control is not unique to Satanism, but SRA victims are usually enslaved by some form of mind control as manifested through the fear and terror of SRA.


May God guide you to good, helpful people.
Richard is working to identify people whom he is happy to recommend in regard to this subject.  Please check back for updates.
Richard recommends Lisa Meister (and Lisa’s husband) in the USA; and also Ellel Ministries in the UK.
(Above all, JESUS is recommended.)
Jeanette Archer is not recommended by Richard.
As to information resources, Richard recommends the book Blasphemous Rumours (1991) by Andrew Boyd, and the CASRA website.
(Please note that since Wilfred Wong’s imprisonment his CASRA website is assumed to be inactive re new enquiries, but it remains worth reading.)
Again, please check back for updates.