Dave Lee, an occultist based in Sheffield, deleted his personal Twitter account @dleeahp (which clearly identified him) in December 2022, immediately after Richard Carvath directly tweeted Dave  – as Dave, in Dave’s real identity – for the first time.  (Richard’s tweets to Dave are still available on Twitter.)  Clearly, Dave did not want to do an interview with journalists!
However, an ‘anonymous’ Twitter account, ‘James Hind’, remains active.  (The same ‘James Hind’ is on other online platforms too.)
Just who could the mysterious ‘James Hind’ be?
This ‘James Hind’ has published hundreds of tweets naming Richard Carvath in what is clearly an evil and bizarre obsession.
In March 2023 ‘James Hind’ began a series of tweets which are [implied] threats to go after Richard in person offline – including the possibility of a new vexatious complaint to police.
(‘James Hind’ previously made a vexatious complaint about Richard to North Wales Police, which complaint came to nothing.)
‘James Hind’ is here warned against pursuing any form of malicious action offline, whether directly or via a proxy.  Idiotic, offensive online trolling is one thing; it is irritating but Richard tolerates it.  However, any action, online or offline, which crosses the line such that it constitutes a clear threat of actual harm will not be tolerated.


Well, whoever ‘James Hind’ is (hmm, tough question), he is, to put it mildly, not a very nice man . . . which is probably why he likes to pretend to himself that he is ‘anonymous’ online.
Does ‘James Hind’ really not know that there are people with the intelligence and skills to see right through him?
Mr Lee was jailed in the 1980s for his role in the poisoning to death of three people; and Mr Lee has links to the notorious occult criminal Colin Batley.  Journalists find the story of Mr Lee interesting – especially the Colin Batley connection – and so it may be that Mr Lee’s story comes to greater public awareness in 2023.

Person of Interest: David Lee of Sheffield

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In the video above, Dave Lee and Julian Vayne.
Carvath WordPress may publish some Sheffield videos of Mr Lee, later in 2023.