Many people are confused about TRUTH in Britain today.
21st-century Britain is a land now steeped in deep darkness.
‘Is anything true?’ they ask.
‘Is there any way to know if something is true?’
‘Does truth even exist?’ they ask.
These are serious questions – and the answer is of vital importance to life.
The answer: yes, there is such a thing as absolute, perfect truth.
But what – or who – is the truth?
Jesus is The Truth.
Jesus is the truth personified; He is the living Word of God.
The Word of God is truth.
Jesus is the personal Word of God; the Bible is the written Word of God.
The Bible is perfect truth (because its author is God).

Truth = JESUS and the BIBLE

You can know and apply the truth in your life, to great and good effect.
May God bless you.