“In February 2022 I accepted as factual and valid the Russian grievances behind the decision of President Putin to invade Ukraine, but I remained very sceptical about the prudence of the invasion itself; I leaned heavily towards the position that the invasion was a step too far.  I realise now that I misjudged this proportionality question.  Today I accept that Russia’s invasion was a necessary action, to protect the people of the Donbass and to protect Russia’s legitimate national security concerns.”
“The extent of neo-Nazism and extreme nationalism in Ukraine is greater than I had originally thought.  President Zelensky is a puppet not only of America but also of the neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists in Kiev.  It is now very clear indeed that NATO has greatly overstepped the mark by interfering over many years in Russia’s backyard, and that the West is prolonging the war by funding and assisting Ukraine, because America wants to inflict a strategic defeat upon Russia.”
“I accept now that the Russian Government had no other realistic option than to take large-scale military action when it did, and that in fact Russia did so only reluctantly, in the wake of eight years of treachery from America, NATO and Ukraine in regard to the Minsk Agreements, as well as eight years of neo-Nazi violence which resulted in thousands of deaths in the Donbass.”
“I continue to pray for and advocate that the belligerents cease hostilities and commence peace negotiations as soon as possible.”
Richard Carvath, 23 January 2023.