Wilfred Wong

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Please note: since the trial and sentencing of Wilfred Wong in 2021, nothing has changed in the basic position of Carvath WordPress regarding children’s champion Mr Wong and the Anglesey Child Rescue.  At present, Richard is on a sabbatical, and the websites are being overhauled.  Richard will return with new content in 2022.
The new Anglesey investigation (previously reported) is ongoing, and Carvath WordPress remains committed to previously stated positions that (1) the child whom Mr Wong and others sought to rescue is a victim of SRA child abuse, betrayed by police and social services, and (2) Mr Wong and the others convicted of conspiracy-to-kidnap are all wrongfully convicted (not to mention denied a fair trial), because, on the full factual evidence* (suppressed at trial) of the case, their actions could not amount to kidnap in law (i.e. there was no complainant to kidnap – the so-called ‘victim’ having consented to his own rescue – plus the rescuers had lawful reason/justification for their rescue, namely child protection and child welfare).  Furthermore, the new children’s charity project (previously mentioned) is in the pipeline.
(* In late 2021, a summary of this suppressed evidence went public, via the online audio reporting of a third party (i.e. no connection to Carvath WordPress) located outside UK jurisdiction.  This reporting – which summarises documentary evidence of the child’s testimony to police, and his disclosures to various others – reports in detail the extreme and sadistic abuse suffered by the child whom Wilfred Wong sought to rescue.  For example, the reports make plain that the child was sodomised.)
There will be new content on Wilfred Wong and the Anglesey case in 2022.  It will be published when the time is right.  People are right to want to see Mr Wong vindicated as soon as possible, but we cannot risk going off half-cocked on a case as important as this.  Please be patient.  The lack of news from these quarters does not mean that things aren’t happening.  We are on the case, and in it for the long haul.