Richard Carvath online

Richard Carvath  –  British investigative journalist

Richard Carvath, 42, has been involved in investigative print journalism since the 1990s.  He also functions in PI and PMC roles.  Richard supplies accredited research and intelligence to others (thus tending not to write finished articles for general publication under his own name).  Business, politics, law and social justice themes are his main journalistic interests.  Richard is based in London and the South West but operates throughout the UK.


Nota bene: much of Richard’s public online content (since about 2008) has related to pro bono journalistic assignments – typically featuring a Christian subject unlikely to be of interest to mainstream media and news agencies.  Taken as a whole, Richard’s online content has always been, and remains, very much the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of his operations.  Historically, Richard’s online content included some satirical material, and occasionally some material generated primarily for tactical purposes in interactions with third parties.  Also historically, some of Richard’s online content was essentially political rather than journalistic, given a parliamentary candidacy (2010 General Election).