Samantha Baldwin

As a major online news story, the story of heroic protective mum Samantha Baldwin began in March 2017 – and really ‘took off’ only after Richard Carvath picked up Sam’s story, on the day she disappeared, and began exclusive reporting of the vital background facts which explained Sam’s disappearance. (Of course, for Sam and her family, their tragic ordeal began several years before they made national news headlines.) Since Sam’s story first broke in 2017, Richard has remained faithful to the story.

After a series of surveillance operations and investigations in 2017 and 2018, Richard made a legal intervention in Sam’s child custody dispute with David Madge in January 2019. The events which followed led to Richard becoming known as ‘The Samantha Baldwin Journalist’.

In March 2019, three Nottinghamshire police officers arrested Richard inside court, just moments before he was due to begin testifying against David Madge and others. That arrest was the first of four arrests in eighteen months for Richard, and began a nightmare ordeal in which Richard was forced to endure four criminal trials in the space of a year.

The most notable trial saw Richard pitted against David Madge at Swindon Crown Court in December 2019. At the Swindon trial, Richard was acquitted by a jury of stalking David Madge after defence barrister Frances Pencheon skilfully exposed the complainant as a child sex abuser, and established the legitimacy of Richard’s investigations.

Much has happened since Swindon, and this story is far from over. Sam and her sons remain apart to this day, and the criminal abusers of Sam’s sons continue to evade justice. This epic fight for justice continues . . .

(Please note that, at present, court orders hinder or prevent Richard from publishing certain material of relevance to the Samantha Baldwin story.)

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Amos 5:24 – frequently quoted by Martin Luther King – “Let justice roll on like a river”