Delightful Good News

Here’s a good news story I saw on social media earlier today.  This is real news, though you’re very unlikely ever to see this (or similar stories) in your local newspaper or on newspapers’ websites.  The media fails (or deliberately omits) to tell the British public lots of important bad news, but the media is even worse at passing on good news.  I think the following good news story is actually rather important, when you stop to think about it.  If the same woman, whose story you’re about to read, had been sentenced for a crime to fund her drug habit, or if she had died young in tragic circumstances, then the newspapers might well have run a story on her, but instead, her life miraculously transformed, I doubt we’ll see this story in the papers…

T.J. wrote: “18 months ago, I came to Victory Outreach Manchester a messed up, broken woman. Addicted to crack and heroin I felt lost and couldn’t see a way out… But God, God had a plan for my life that was beyond anything I could’ve asked or imagined, when thought I was lost God found me, I was lonely and He placed me in a beautiful spiritual family, I thank you God for V.A.L. P.L. F.M. and B.M. plus the many others who you continue to use, to grow me, to strengthen my character. 18 months ago I thought I was destined to die an addict… But God, God has restored to me my family, my children, D.M. I’ll never understand fully what you had to go through but I stand now for you and for my children, my brothers and sisters. I have wonderful friends, a great support network and a job, I serve a miracle working God and i am all I am because He is who He is. I pray that someone is encouraged by this today… No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind can conceive what the Lord our God has planned for those that love him. May God bless you abundantly today.”

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Taunton Crown Court: C of E homosexual Darren Chalmers and Christian preacher Michael Overd

Taunton’s Christian street preacher Mike Overd was convicted of a public order offence earlier this year, for the crime of telling homosexual C of E churchgoer Darren Chalmers that ‘God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’, and for maintaining the orthodox Christian belief that homosexual behaviour is sin during a conversation initiated by Darren Chalmers in Taunton in 2014.  (See here and here for some background.)

Mr Overd is appealing against his conviction and there is to be a re-trial at Taunton Crown Court on Friday 31 July 2015.

With today’s news of Ruth Worsley’s appointment as the next bishop of Taunton, the big question is does she support Christian evangelist Mike Overd or C of E homosexual Darren Chalmers?

Do Anglican Bishops Peter Hancock (Bath and Wells) and Ruth Worsley (Taunton) back Mike Overd’s orthodox Biblical views and Mike’s liberty to preach the gospel in Taunton, or do they back Darren Chalmers in his belief that homosexual behaviour isn’t sin and that Mike Overd should not be free to preach orthodox Biblical views in public?

Homosexual churchgoer Darren Chalmers, 29, of Taunton, is on Twitter here (and here) and Facebook here.

Mr Chalmers was born Darren Lee Huxtable but changed his surname to his mother’s maiden name, Chalmers, twelve years ago in 2003.

Mr Chalmers works at Barry the Baker in Taunton.

Homosexual Mr Chalmers was ‘confirmed’ in 1999, at the age of 13, at St Peter’s Church, Taunton.

Homosexual Mr Chalmers is a regular Anglican churchgoer in Taunton, and a current member of the Bath and Wells Diocesan Synod.

Mr Chalmers’ Twitter profile photo shows him with his hand on another man’s bottom.

Amongst other accounts followed by Mr Chalmers on Twitter are Bishop Peter Hancock (@bathwellsbish) and Little Desires (@LittleDesiresUK) which offers “adult brands & consumables”.

Mr Chalmers is followed on Twitter by the Diocese of Bath & Wells (@BathWells).

On his Facebook feed Mr Chalmers hosts photos of a gay pride event, hosts an Easter joke about a “hot cross bum”, hosts homosexual innuendo about Royal Marines commandos, jokes about penises and expresses his homosexual desire for Prime Minister David Cameron.

He belongs to several homosexual groups on Facebook, including gay venues in Bristol.

Mr Chalmers is ‘Facebook Friends’ with Taunton homosexual Craig Manning – the same Mr Manning who was a complainant and prosecution witness against Mr Overd at the first ‘hate crime’ trial of Mr Overd in 2012 (Overd was acquitted in 2012).

What would Jesus say?

And what do C of E bishops Peter Hancock and Ruth Worsley have to say?

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David Cameron, Liar or Fool – you decide which

With the sad news of several murders committed by Muslims around the world today – including in France, Tunisia and Kuwait – I was disgusted to hear David Cameron on the radio a few minutes ago claiming that Islam is a religion of peace and that violent jihadists aren’t Muslims.

David Cameron is utterly wrong.  Islam is not a religion of peace – rather the opposite in fact – and Muslims who kill for Islam are absolutely the genuine followers of Mohammed and of the Allah of the Koran.  The Koran tells Muslims to go kill non-Muslims.

Does David Cameron actually believe what he says?  Is he that stupid?  When Cameron claims that Islam is a religion of peace there are only two possibilities; he is either a liar or a fool.  You decide which…

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Murderous Marris and his new Kill Bill

Rob Marris, the Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West, is the latest politician to attempt to legalise ‘assisted suicide’ (i.e. euthanasia).

Assisted suicide is  generally referred to by its supporters with the softer-sounding euphemism ‘assisted dying’ – but be clear that what we’re talking about here is doctors and nurses deliberately killing people.

Marris’ new euthanasia Bill is essentially the same as previous unsuccessful attempts to legislate for euthanasia led by Lord Falconer.

MPs are scheduled to vote on Marris’ assisted suicide Bill on Friday 11 September, in what is likely to be a free vote.

The purpose of the Marris’ Bill is to permit doctors to kill people believed to be mentally competent and with under six months to live.

In practice, were this evil Bill ever to become law, we would soon see doctors routinely killing off countless elderly, disabled and vulnerable people in a growing euthanasia holocaust (to add to the abortion holocaust we already have).

Where euthanasia is practised, there is no legal means to prevent doctors routinely committing ‘assisted suicide’ murders of people who do not want to die.

Failsafe and foolproof safeguards are not possible once euthanasia is permitted.  The Marris Bill proposes a judge to approve each individual request for assisted suicide but this would be no more than a rubber-stamping exercise (as with divorce).

Marris’ assisted suicide Bill is opposed by the British Medical Association, the Royal College of GPs, the Royal College of Physicians, the British Geriatrics Society, the Association for Palliative Medicine, SCOPE, SPUC, Not Dead Yet UK, the UK Disabled People’s Council and Disability Rights UK amongst many others.

If Marris’ assisted suicide Bill became law, it would be the ‘thin end of the wedge’ which would swiftly lead to the widespread murdering by the medical profession of countless elderly, disabled, sick, depressed and vulnerable people.

Furthermore, the legalisation of assisted suicide would undermine respect and concern for elderly and disabled people, destroy palliative care, and reduce the budgets for and availability of many medical treatments to enhance and preserve life.

For those concerned to stop the Marris Bill, the timing of the House of Commons vote is unfortunate (or worse, fishy).  It’s on a Friday, and 11th September is just four days after MPs return to the Commons after their summer recess.

The Commons rises for its summer break on 21st July, and so the time is now to lobby your MP if you want to urge him or her to be present for the vote – and to vote against the Marris Bill.  Lobby MPs now so that they are aware of the vote on the Bill and can arrange their diaries accordingly.

MPs are supposed to represent the best interests of constituents – not pass laws enabling and obliging doctors to murder vulnerable and defenceless patients.

No sane, decent person wants British hospitals to be turned into death camps (any more than they already are for many unborn babies).  Rob Marris MP must be stopped.

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Magna Carta: Christians in Gloucester


Last Saturday I was out and about in Gloucester city centre.  Present was the ‘Christians in Gloucester’ group as it delivered its annual ‘Bible Day’ event to the Gloucester public.  This year the group spent some time considering Magna Carta.

Twenty-seven Christians representing ten Gloucester churches participated in an open-air presentation of Magna Carta clauses, given alongside readings of the Bible verses upon which Magna Carta was founded.

‘Christians in Gloucester’ distributed over 1,000 information sheets about Jesus; and several members of the public asked for and received free Bibles.  The public Bible readings ended with prayer at Gloucester Cross – including thanks to God for the Magna Carta liberties enjoyed in Britain to this day.

Magna Carta (first issued in 1215) has been described as “the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot” (Lord Denning).

Magna Carta recognised important principles which led to the eventual establishment of liberty under the law for Englishmen and later, for many other people around the world.  These Magna Carta principles included freedom of religion, private property rights, trial by peers, due legal process, no imprisonment without trial and no taxation without representation – and Magna Carta made the king subject to the law.

In 1679, Magna Carta was the foundation for the Habeas Corpus Act (limiting detention without trial); in 1689 it underpinned the Bill of Rights; in 1772 Magna Carta was used by Granville Sharp to argue against slavery; and in 1776 it was used in the writing of the US Declaration of Independence.

In 1948 Magna Carta provided the basis for the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights.  In 2008 Magna Carta was used to defeat the Labour Government’s attempt to bring in 42-day detention without trial.

Roland Parsons (pictured above, centre), one of the Bible Day speakers, said, “… justice delayed is justice denied.  It was a man [David Davis MP] who would have been, I’m sure, Prime Minister, if he hadn’t put his head above the parapet, who, eventually, tried to stop 42 days in jail without charge.  And what did he use?  He used Magna Carta.  It gives us all our freedoms.  …the Bible says that justice is to be done speedily.  When the previous Labour Government tried to extend detention without charge to 42 days – that was our Tony Blair* – David Davis used Magna Carta as the principle to stop them.  No delay, as the Bible says, in justice.  You cannot be locked up in a jail without charge.”

*  N.B.  It was actually under Gordon Brown that the last Labour Government pursued legislation for 42 days detention without trial; this followed the Labour Government’s earlier unsuccessful pursuit, under Tony Blair, of 90 days detention without trial.

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Electoral Commission banned ‘offensive’ political party


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Magna Carta speech, Roland Parsons, Gloucester

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