Stanley Casson a friend of Latics doctors

Stanley Casson was a man with quite an impressive social circle, though he didn’t shout about it.  Casson knew the late Lord Rhodes of Saddleworth, the late Sir Sidney Hamburger and the first Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Sir William Downward.
(I once met the formidable Sir Sidney: he fixed me with a piercing gaze when I produced a notepad and pen.)
Casson also knew two Oldham Athletic football club doctors – Dr Hendry and Dr McNamara (not to mention many other doctors known to him).
Both of these general practitioners were members of Crompton and Royton Golf Club, along with another Casson associate, the late Stanley Cheetham (who was a Conservative parliamentary candidate in 1955).
Dr Hendry kept a surgery in Hathershaw during the Second World War and until the late 1960s; he was the club doctor for the Latics throughout the 1950s.
Dr McNamara was a close contemporary to Casson, being just a couple of years younger.  In his later years Dr William McNamara became a popular local politician (Independent; and later, Conservative).  In common with the late Jimmy Savile, Dr McNamara held one of the highest awards in Catholicism: both were made a Knight of Saint Gregory the Great.
Dr McNamara was the president of Crompton and Royton Golf Club in 1971.  Dr Hendry was Crompton and Royton’s club captain in 1957 and president in 1962.  Cheetham was captain in 1958 and president in 1973.  Casson knew all three well.
Enquiries continue.
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Stanley Casson stock at Getty Images

Getty Images have video of Stanley Casson.
Go to and search for “Stanley Casson”
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Police DNA tested Casson ‘person of interest’ in Lesley Molseed case

PHOTO: Delamere Road, Turf Hill, Rochdale – very close to where Lesley Molseed was abducted in 1975.


A man fitting the description of the Stanley Casson associate/‘person of interest’ had his DNA taken and tested by police in the 2000s (in relation to the 1975 murder of Lesley Molseed), according to a former police source.
(Ronald Castree was subsequently convicted of the murder.)
So this person of interest (to the Kathleen Waugh case) has been a person of interest to police before now, in regard to a case of child abduction and murder.
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Casson associate visited Oldham nursery and tried to open Ashton nursery

Various information has come in about a ‘person of interest’ depicted above (and described here) who was a close associate of the late Stanley Casson.
(1)  In the early 1980s a man fitting the description occasionally visited the children’s day nursery at Coalshaw Green Park (Oldham), though he was not a parent or guardian of any child at the nursery.  At the time the nursery was run by Mrs Joan Guilfoyle for Oldham Social Services department.  There was nothing unusual per se about the man visiting or hanging around the nursery.
That’s because in the 1980s, in the Oldham area (and elsewhere), it was normal for anybody to stop by a council-run children’s nursery for a casual social visit – typically retired people who would pop in for a chat.  Such an open door policy to all and sundry wouldn’t happen today, but back then it was quite normal.
(2)  According to golfing sources in Saddleworth, a man fitting the description was known to have a remarkable and large collection of film and photographic pornography in the 1980s.  The man had pornography then classified as obscene, including, for example, Good Girls of Godiva High, about schoolgirls.  Sources described him as a “dealer” of pornography, and said he was rumoured to produce some of it himself.  One source said the man possessed what some people then referred to as ‘family films’ – i.e. child pornography.
(3)  A former Tameside Council source has said a man fitting the description attempted to open a children’s nursery in Ashton-under-Lyne in the 1990s but the council refused his application.
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Siminthi Winbald told the truth

I’ve been ‘pestered to death’ several times in my life so far.
When I stood for election a few years ago, there was plenty of pestering (and to some extent, rightly so).
And as the former face for the Sandys Superstars story, that meant a severe [and often criminal] pestering at the time.
But for over a year now, ‘Siminthi Winbald’, judge ‘Percy Pea’ &etc is the story which simply refuses to rest in peace.
I’m frequently asked about this story.  Everybody wants to know the latest.
Percy’s public suppression and/or inversion of the facts has only served to strengthen public appetite for the truth.
Though neither I nor any other British journalist can lawfully publish any facts, the key truth remains very straightforward indeed:
Siminthi Winbald told the truth.
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La Libertad de expresión es Sagrada

“Aborto es sagrado.”  That’s Spanish for ‘abortion is sacred’.  Quite a shocking statement, emblazoned across a young woman’s naked bosom.  Words with which I cannot agree.  And why the boobs?
First, let me give my general thoughts on boobs (in the context of public political action).  I find it odd and inconsistent that, on the one hand, women want to be taken seriously, and to be treated with respect – not objectified, not raped – and yet, on the other hand, think it a good idea to get their boobs out in public.
Boobs are not news, and I back the many women who want an end to Page Three nudity in The Sun – yet many young women nowadays seem to think boobs are the perfect publicity vehicle for feminist political slogans.
I’m not sure why that would be.  It strikes me as a major failure of logic by the boob-flashers.  When the typical man is confronted by a woman with a political slogan written across her naked boobs, he doesn’t stop to consider her politics, but he does think, “Mmm, that woman’s got her boobs out.”
(And in case you’re wondering whether I’m going to expand on the efficacy or otherwise of boobs-for-billboards by considering the issues of ageing, Fat or wrinkles, well . . . no, I’m not; I could get myself into a lot of trouble by doing that.)
Generally speaking then, there’s no better way for a woman to have her politics ignored – and to demean and endanger other women – than by getting her boobs out in public.
Now let’s consider the specific issue of naked pro-abortion boobs.  What should we make of the senorita’s boobs above?  (Sorry, what should we make of the senorita’s pro-abortion message?)  Well, for one thing, there’s a certain irony in advocating for abortion on boobs, given that boobs are much more suited to feeding babies – to sustaining life – than to causing death.
Wouldn’t it be better, wouldn’t it be more honest, to scrawl ‘abortion is sacred’ over the body of an abortion victim and hold that dead baby’s body aloft for the world to see, until everybody joins in the jubilant ecstasy, and the whole world rejoices at the great wonder of abortion?
But that would rather upset the abortionists, and the militant feminists, and we can’t have that.  Whilst abortions are wonderful, they say, and every mum ought to have one, nobody – especially pregnant women – should ever have to see the ‘sacredness of abortion’ with their own eyes.
Abortion does get on my tits.  I don’t like it at all.  Ditto the suppression of clothed persons’ freedom to speak of abortion in Ealing.  So perhaps I ought to protest by exposing my pro-life man-boobs in the middle of Ealing Council’s PSPO zone on Mattock Lane?  I’d like to see Sister Supporter’s counter demonstration to that.  Would they try to block my man-boobs, or would they get their boobs out too?
Then again, doesn’t the whole idea of ‘Boobs Out for Abortion’ strike you as foolish, stupid and ridiculous?  But it’s about as good an argument as you’re ever going to get in favour of abortion.
That’s why Ealing’s pro-lifers must be silenced at all costs.
Their speech is powerful and persuasive.  It is a testimony to the truth, motivated by love.  It brings life and hope.
The testimony of history is this: there’s no way to silence a message like that.
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Stanley Casson: a serial sex offender

Stanley Casson was probably one of the most prolific, never-convicted sex offenders of 20th century England.  That is the picture which has emerged in recent weeks.
Casson was for many years a serial bottom spanker (he targeted young women), and sources speaking of the early 1970s recall that Casson occasionally took children and teenagers to the Hollingworth Sauna, a private sauna on Market Street in Ashton-under-Lyne.  At that time, this venue was used for occasional orgies and regularly for swinging (charged at £1.50 per couple per hour).
How did Casson get away with indecent assaults on women and child molestation for all those years?  The answer is probably at least partly to do with his connections.  Casson knew and associated with anybody who was anybody in the Ashton area; behind the scenes, he was both powerful and influential.  Though a quiet man, not an extrovert, Casson was, whilst discreet and discerning in the company he kept, nonetheless quite the socialiser.
For example, to name just a few of Casson’s associates (1960s/1970s): Chief Superintendent Kenneth Bedford Mellalieu, the first chief (1974) of GMP Tameside Division, upon whom Casson could call at Mellalieu’s home, Higher Hague Fold Farm; Dr James Comrie Hill, the 1960s police surgeon for the old (pre GMP) Ashton Police Division; the Hibberts, who ran the Tontine Hotel (76 Penny Meadow); John Frost, landlord of the Broadoak Hotel; the Cordingleys, including David Cordingley J.P., chartered surveyors and estate agents in Ashton; John Farnsworth, former Mayor of Ashton; businessman William Meeks (Ashton Golf Club member and Fidelity Lodge mason); Wellington ‘Duke’ Derbyshire (Ashton Golf Club member and past Master of Fidelity Lodge).
As bad if not worse though than Casson’s kiddy-fiddling are the murders in which he may have been mixed up, and which likely would have taken place in the context of Satanists’ religious rituals.
And water is a theme which has emerged regarding unexplained deaths – murders, in all likelihood – for which Casson (or his close coven associates) may have been responsible.
My reading and research into ritual murder by Satanists tells me that generally they do not leave victims’ bodies to be found.  Bodies are normally disposed of so as never to be found.
However, the Casson coven seemed to have a thing about killing people at or near water sources, or of disposing of victims at such locations.
(Presumably, this leaving of victims to be found happened only on rare occasions; and many more bodies were disposed of so as never to be found, as one would reasonably expect of those engaged in acts of ritual murder, carried on over many years.)
Why this would be, I can only speculate, but probably there is some ritual meaning to it, something significant to the Satanists involved; moreover, it could also be that the Satanists derive a sense of power or pleasure from the fear and horror inflicted when the dead are discovered and have to be dealt with by others.
Ashton woman Kathleen Waugh was found dead in the Derwent reservoir (1992).
Another instance of this macabre phenomenon – one I can mention here – is that of the gruesome discovery in 1973 of a dead, unborn baby at Crime Lake.
(Crime Lake is just north of Ashton-under-Lyne and east of Failsworth.)
Police divers found the floating dead body of the 12-week-old foetus after being alerted by the public.
One of several things I find interesting about the case is that Chief Superintendent Leslie Palmer, the head of [the pre-GMP] Oldham Police Division, in company with senior detectives, was present when the tiny baby’s body was recovered.  Why, exactly?
At the very least, I’d suggest the reported circumstances of the body, on discovery, raised immediate suspicion of something extremely unusual and perhaps especially sickening about the baby’s death – something the top man simply had to see for himself, as soon as possible.  Whilst the mere fact of a dead baby floating on the water would’ve been horrifying enough, I suspect there was more to the scene confronting the police than that.
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