Who is Richard Carvath?

One of life’s great online mysteries seems to be who/what is Richard Carvath.  This is partly because for years it has suited mainstream players with big media platforms to avoid recognising Richard for his public work, which they are generally opposed to, politically or ideologically (mainly cos he’s a Christian); and largely because most of Richard’s work, past and present, is under the radar anyway and goes unreported by him, us or anyone else.  Well, having actually met Richard and having some meaningful depth of knowledge about him, here’s our bit of a bio . . . .

British investigative journalist Richard Carvath was born in Manchester, England in 1976.  Richard is of Cornish, Irish (gypsy) and English ancestry.  A conservative evangelical Christian, Richard aspires to be ‘fully holy’ by Judgement Day.  (We think Jesus will let Richard into heaven, despite Richard’s sins, thanks only to Jesus’ redeeming and atoning sacrifice on the cross.)

Richard has worked alongside several British Christian organisations, for example, his provision of assistance to the Christian Institute’s work in the Vogelenzang case (Liverpool, 2009), or his assistance to Christian Concern’s work in the Overd case (Taunton, 2015).  Richard has also worked alongside police forces and military intelligence agencies at home and abroad.

Formerly married to a non-practising barrister, Richard currently has several lady friends, any one of whom may emerge as the next Mrs Carvath.  A bit of a tough nut, in 2010 Richard accidentally fell fifty feet in a sheer drop down a vertical Cumbria cliff, landed on hard rock, and miraculously survived (thanks be to God).

Public awareness of Richard’s pioneering approach to ‘impossible’ investigative casework really began in the 2000s, most notably with the Sandy’s Superstars case. Private Eye once sent Richard a contemptuous email to assert his work on the Sandys gang was a load of rubbish. As the public record now shows, Richard was right and Private Eye wrong.

In 2009 police (GMP) warned Richard over an alleged ‘hate crime’ against Conservative Party parliamentary candidate and LGBTory boss Matthew Sephton. This was because Richard had publicly referred to Mr Sephton as a pervert. Richard basically told the police to get lost – and they did. Years later, Mr Sephton was convicted of child pornography offences.

A former member of the Conservative Party, Richard was summarily dismissed from the Conservatives by London party bosses over Richard’s public remarks about the Islamic terror threat to the UK. This happened despite the fact Richard was quoting MI5’s own private terror assessment, of which David Cameron and party bosses were no doubt well aware.

For good measure, the Tories also had Richard summarily expelled from the Conservative Party’s supposed ‘Christian’ affiliate, the Conservative Christian Fellowship (CCF), despite the fact that the CCF claims to be a separate organisation to the Conservative Party itself.
Richard’s conduct of his parliamentary candidacy in the 2010 General Election was in part a protest against the Conservative Party and its candidate Matthew Sephton.

A noted pro-lifer, having previously worked alongside SPUC in street campaigns, in 2018 Richard initiated Freedom of Speech Protests in London against Labour-run Ealing Council’s introduction of a PSPO legal order which bans pro-lifers from saying or doing anything pro-life outside a Marie Stopes abortion premises.  Despite repeated complaints against Richard by pro-abortionists, to date no fewer than eight Metropolitan Police constables have attended Richard’s protests and found them lawful.

Richard is also involved in parliamentary lobbying in regard of pro-life issues, marriage and family matters and many other concerns vital to the welfare of British society today.

In 2015, Richard publicly backed the innocence of former British military advisor Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, when that gentleman was falsely accused of a sexual offence dating to 1977. In 2018, Richard reported on Sookhdeo’s acquittal after trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Noted for justice campaigning, Richard has been repeatedly proved right in his support of miscarriage-of-justice cases, including (in the public domain), the Sookhdeo case, the Mike Overd cases and the Bristol Preachers case.

More than once Richard has defended miscarriage-of-justice victims or backed justice-denied victims when no other journalist has been willing to do so.  Richard has also been willing to publish sensitive information online, in a more ‘American’ approach to public interest journalism, going against the risk-averse culture of contemporary British journalism.

For example, Richard authorised the exclusive public identification of Commissioner Ian Dyson (City of London Police) as the subject of an official complaint by police whistle-blower Jon Wedger, in the well-known scandal of the Metropolitan Police cover-up of child prostitution in London.

Richard is also willing to take on taboo subjects like pornography, child abuse and SRA (Satanist Ritual Abuse), as well as difficult challenges like high-level corruption cases.
Last year Richard published ground-breaking source-work, sparked by the allegedly ‘missing’ Geoffrey Dickens dossiers, about a coven of Satanists suspected of the unsolved murder of Kathleen Waugh, which may yet help police to catch the murderer(s).

Gagged more than once by English judges, but often getting the truth out despite legal threats and hurdles, to date Richard has never been prosecuted by the Establishment over any sub judice, contempt or libel allegation.

Richard’s private-sector military experience informs his approach to journalism.

(In the 1990s, when a teenager, the Royal Marines accepted Richard for enlistment but not for an officer’s commission; Richard decided the Royal Marines could get lost. Later, in the 2000s, the regimental secretary of the Devon & Dorsets interviewed Richard and offered to back him for admission to RMA Sandhurst. Whilst appreciating the offer, Richard decided against pursuing it further. Today, Richard holds a colonelcy with a private military company. In the 2000s, that company was successful in preventing a terror attack at Heathrow.)

Richard’s intelligence, surveillance and special operations expertise – gained over many years with along-siders, irregulars, mercenaries, specialists and others from the UK and abroad – naturally lends itself to the most basic function of any real journalist, namely the pro-active, front-line gathering of facts (particularly where powerful people prefer facts to remain hidden).

Richard is the author or editor of several book-length reports, most of which material, being sensitive, has never been published online.  Known as an astute analyst, impeccable researcher and unbreakable frontman, Richard is a ‘safe pair of hands’ who can be trusted to handle the hard jobs.

Plus, he’s a really nice guy. Richard Carvath: meet the man and like him a lot. We do.


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