Wiltshire Police to review Patrick Sookhdeo investigation

Exclusive by Richard Carvath                Tuesday 29 November 2016


Wiltshire Police have “commissioned a review of the investigation” (in 2014) which led to the prosecution of Barnabas Fund founder Dr Patrick Sookhdeo.

Dr Sookhdeo was convicted of one count of indecent assault and two counts of witness intimidation after a trial at Swindon Crown Court in February 2015.

Patrick Sookhdeo has always maintained his innocence.

Police launched the internal review in the wake of “concerns regarding a possible miscarriage of justice and allegations of misconduct by a member of Wiltshire Police.”

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Sandys Superstars in shock police raid

In a pleasing and surprising development, the best-known brothels in Britain, Sandy’s Superstars (one in Prestwich, the other in Northenden), were raided by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on Tuesday 15 November 2016.  The big question is why?

To the best of my knowledge GMP has not fundamentally changed its vice trade policy of turning a blind eye to illegal brothels.  It is possible GMP raided the Sandy’s gang simply because it’s running illegal brothels, and for no other reason, however I think that’s unlikely.

I walked away from the GMP/Sandys story over two-and-a-half years ago, but since the recent raid I’ve made enquiries to try to find out what’s happening at present.  The best hint I have is that the Sandy’s gang was raided more on suspicion of running illegal ‘banking’ than illegal bonking.

Another possibility which I cannot discount is that the gang was raided because of a threat to national security; given some of the gang’s punters, the Sandy’s gang repeatedly hit the radar of the security services.  Perhaps some people needed protecting, or some people needed to be silenced?  However, as I say, the best intelligence I have suggests some form of financial crime.

I have always viewed the Sandy’s gang as warranting classification as ‘serious organised crime’.  The question of exactly what types of crime the gang is involved in depends on where you set the boundary for who belongs to the gang.  And that is not an easy question to resolve.  There is a core gang and beyond that a wider network of criminal associates.  For example, the core gang – responsible for running the illegal brothels – was not, to my knowledge, directly involved in the illegal drugs trade, however the same could not be said of the wider network.  The wider network is known to be mixed up in various criminal activity – including blackmail, intimidation and violent crime.

GMP will have seized a treasure trove of electronic data on goodness knows how many people, including credit card transactions and CCTV video stills of punters’ faces.  The police may also now be in possession of some, shall we say, ‘interesting recordings’.  (Since modern photo/film pornography began, there has long been a blackest-of-black market in pornography made in brothels, unbeknown to some or all of the participants.  Amongst other purposes, it comes in very handy for blackmail.)

We shall have to wait and see whether any prosecutions follow on from the raid, and, if so, any convictions.  But let’s hope that the recent raid means that the Sandy’s brothels are closed never to reopen, and let’s hope that GMP will henceforth commit to properly enforcing the law against all illegal manifestations of prostitution.

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Met Police “no arrests” after anti-Jewish violence at UCL Hen Mazzig meeting

The Met’s press bureau has today confirmed that to date Met police have made “no arrests” regarding anti-Jewish violence at University College London (UCL) on 27 October 2016.

The Met says Camden police are currently investigating “an allegation of common assault” made by a woman.

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CPS in THIRD prosecution of lawful British Christian preacher Mike Overd

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has commenced a new, third prosecution of British Christian street preacher Mike Overd for an alleged ‘hate crime’.

Mr Overd, an ex-Para from Taunton, Somerset, has already been prosecuted twice by the CPS for alleged ‘hate crimes’, and on both occasions (2012 and 2015) he was found Not Guilty.

Mike Overd’s newly-alleged ‘crime’ is again the public preaching of the gospel good news of Jesus Christ, this time in Bristol in July 2016, in company with three other Christian men also to be prosecuted by the CPS.

Mr Overd and his co-accused brothers in Jesus are due in court on Thursday 01 December 2016.  It is expected that they will enter pleas of Not Guilty.

Mike Overd’s freedom to speak the Gospel of Jesus has become an international concern both for Christians and also for everybody who cares about freedom of speech in Britain today.

Mr Overd is considered a thorn in the side of the British Government, in view of controversial legislative proposals to introduce Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs).

To date, the UK Government has failed to confirm or deny whether it sees evangelical Christian Mike Overd as an ‘extremist’ the State will seek to silence in the event that EDOs become law.

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APCOMM 2016 National Conference

Well, this may be of interest to some people.  From Wednesday to Friday this week it’s the national conference of the Association of Police Communicators – the people who serve as professional propagandists for British police forces.  They are both a help and a hindrance to journalists seeking to research and report on crime and policing stories.  They tend to be especially unhelpful to hardcore investigative journalists going after a bent copper, an embarrassing statistic, the background to a miscarriage of justice case – in short, anything too hot to handle in the truth department.  It’s the reason why circumventing such people and getting directly to frontline police officers, or their backroom bosses, is an important skill for any journalist investigating a serious crime story.  Would you rather police budgets were used to pay for a few more frontline police officers instead?  It’s a moot point, because I expect the police will keep their PR people; it’s the way of things nowadays.  But propaganda and what I call ‘pure frontline journalism’ do not mix well.

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Put the kettle on (but only to 90 degrees Celsius)

Anybody who knows me at all will know that I’m about as far removed from a liberal-lefty, Greenpeace eco-warrior as it is possible to be. Please don’t take that as any sort of statement against such people; I didn’t mean it that way.

Indeed, I’ll talk to Stephen Kingston (of the Salford Star etc) any time, and listen to what he has to say.  Lefties are people, after all.  Also, since most of the hack trade (certainly in the UK) belong to the liberal-lefty tribe, it’s simple pragmatism that one has to get along.

Though I’m not an eco-warrior, and though I’m against the great global warming myth, I do however take seriously the importance of the wise stewardship of natural resources and of trying to minimise pollution. Which is why I want to ask you a very simple question: do you always boil your kettle to 100 degrees Celsius?  Why do you do that?  Is it really necessary?  Generally, it’s not necessary.

When in the field, on a long-range mission, I generally work with a gas stove for heating water.  ‘Hot wets’ (drinks) are essential, and so is hot water for cooking (and preferable for shaving).  But gas cannisters add to weight and especially bulk.

Except in winter (in the UK), or otherwise in low temperatures, I do two things to conserve energy.  Firstly, I only ever heat the exact amount of water I need, and secondly, I only heat it to between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius – and that is generally fine for hot drinks, including brewing tea to a good strength.

Just imagine the money that you could save, over a few years, and just imagine the energy that would be saved if everybody in the country always ‘boiled’ the kettle to 90 degrees maximum for their cups of tea and coffee.  It would save a lot of money, and it would save a lot of energy.

You can actually buy kettles that will do this.  There are kettles available that offer variable settings, such that water can be heated to between 80 and 100 degrees.  Good idea?  And imagine the energy-saving impact if such kettles were really affordable, properly promoted and so became the standard kind of kettle that everybody used.  I reckon that’s a good idea.  Now put the kettle on…

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The second shortest job interview I ever had

The second shortest job interview I have ever had was many years ago, with a businessman by the name of Tony Camilleri; an interesting gentleman, with, I believe, ancestral links to Malta.  It went something like this:

Tony: “Wanna job?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Tony: “OK.”

Me: “Ta very much.”

How could any job interview possibly be any shorter than that?

Well, with God, He always has a ‘job’ for everybody, and if you’re breathing, you’re qualified, and He simply gives you the job and expects you to get on and do it (with His ongoing help).  After all, being all-knowing and all-wise, He already knows you are the best man or woman for any particular job, without the need to interview you, check your references or make you pass through submerged sewage pipes to prove your manhood (a la the Royal Marines).  And better still, you get the job without even having to apply for it, because He chose you for the job before you became aware of it.

So, a ‘job interview’ with God goes something like this:

God: “You’ve got the job.”

You or me: “Thanks.”

I’d like to encourage you by telling you (or perhaps reminding you) of the fact that God has a plan and a purpose for your life.  He has a job for you; a good job – maybe not an easy job, but the very thing that you are meant to be doing.  It will probably involve sacrifice, pain and hard work – maybe even poverty, severe suffering or death – but in the end the reward is always worth it.  There is no better ’employer’ than God (and the ‘retirement package’ which He offers, namely eternal life in paradise, is quite simply out of this world).

How frustrating then to compare His way with the way of the world.  I truly despise and loathe the modern term ‘Human Resources’, every bit as much as I detest the associated HR ideology and HR methodology.

It’s also a sad fact that in the world, there simply aren’t enough jobs to go round – jobs that pay a viable living wage – and far fewer good jobs that are really worth having and keeping.

Pity, for example, those who are called to the Bar today.  Newly-qualified barristers today have about a one-in-ten chance of obtaining a pupillage (a barrister’s apprenticeship) and actually going on to practise law as a barrister and to earning a living from that profession.

And don’t even mention journalists.  There is a reason why the professional trade’s benchmark standard for viewing a journalist as a professional journalist (by income, aside of professional standards of work) is that a person can be said to be a journalist if he derives half or more of his annual income from journalism.  The reason is because for many freelancers it’s only possible to earn about half an income from practising the trade.

The situation is even worse for any journalist who attempts to cover serious, hard news stories (i.e. real, important news), and especially for those undertaking investigative assignments, which often involve a long-term commitment to stories which develop over many months or even years.  Gathering the most important news rarely pays well, and it is often suppressed in the mainstream media and thus pays nothing at all.  Furthermore, one’s public portfolio is diminished by the lack of publication, and it can quickly become self-defeating to undertake serious assignments if one has to make a living, as one generally does.

But, as I say, that’s the world.  Where God is concerned, you’ll always have a job for Him.  The only questions are do you know what it is and will you do it?  If the answer to both is yes, all well and good.  If not, I humbly suggest you seek His plan and purpose for your life, and then get on with it.  Wherever His path leads for you, it is always the best way to go.

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