Sir Edward Heath: prime minister and Satanist?

  When people ask me a question such as “Do Satanists really exist?” my answer is an unequivocal ‘Yes’.  Satanism and related forms of occultism are very real indeed.  It’s going on throughout Britain today.  Secretive groups of people really do meet up in woods and fields (and elsewhere) after dark to participate in occult and Satanic rituals.  How do I know this?  Well, it’s not just from what other people have told me: I’ve actually witnessed it with my own eyes.  Take for example a recent Wicca/pagan ritual gathering which I observed (as in the stills above).  What I saw that particular night was the ‘shallow end’ of the occult, although such dabbling often serves as an introduction to lead people much deeper into darkness.
They were in an oak grove in a wooded area after dark, both men and women, a group of Wiccans and pagans.  Some of them were kitted out in robes, and some wore headdresses fashioned from oak twigs and oak leaves.  They lit the grove with various candle lights placed on the ground and on low branches, lit a fire and erected a shelter.  Besides drinking and chatting amongst themselves, they performed various rituals, marked by the occasional ringing of a small bell.  Even in the open air, they managed to fill the entire grove with the stench of burning incense.  When they had finished, they left behind gifts/offerings to spirits at the feet of the oak trees, including cake, flowers, the halved apple (as above – note the pentagrams) – besides a couple of other items I shan’t mention here.  Altogether they were there for several hours, and you’d never have known it happened but for reading this.
Anyway, my point is simply that, from such ‘shallow end’ occultism to the deep end of hardcore Satanism – which includes the ritual torture and sacrifice of human victims – I am one of plenty-enough people actually to have witnessed first-hand that such things are indeed going on in Britain today.  And it’s been going on for generations; it’s nothing new.
The general body of witnesses’ testimony to the reality of Satanists and their activities in Britain today is such that no serious, intelligent enquirer into the subject would doubt the truth: there are modern-day British Satanists who engage in the Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) of human victims.  SRA is not a myth; SRA is a fact.
But was Sir Edward Heath a Satanist, and did he engage in Satanist Ritual Abuse?  Well, it’s my opinion that such a claim certainly cannot be dismissed out of hand.  If Ted Heath were still alive, he would have a case to answer.  And if you pushed me to give a simple Yes or No opinion?  I’d say, “On the basis of what I know … probably, yes.”  So what evidence is there that Ted Heath was a Satanist who practised SRA?
Yesterday, in the Operation Conifer summary closure report, Wiltshire Police acknowledged the allegations of six people that Ted Heath was involved in SRA.
That’s six witnesses – and, to the best of my knowledge, none of the six know each other.
In the context of a trial, if you had six prosecution eyewitnesses, six complainants – none of whom knew each other – all testifying to essentially the same thing against the same defendant, then the defence would have some serious explaining to do, if it were to prevent a verdict of guilty.
Furthermore, I’m aware of several SRA allegations against Ted Heath which pre-date Operation Conifer.  Long before Wiltshire Police first appealed for people to come forward in 2015, there were several people who in the 1990s alleged SRA against Ted Heath.
In terms of ‘circumstantial evidence’, logic and correlations – considering, for example, such things as Heath’s known close associates, and Heath’s perverted sexual proclivities – it’s fair to say that Sir Edward Heath fitted the profile of a high-ranking Satanist.  Such circumstantial evidence is not proof of course, but it does complement what the witnesses allege.  Whilst it’s not hard proof, this kind of circumstantial evidence makes it harder to dismiss the SRA allegations against Sir Edward by, for example, trying to make a defence along the lines that Sir Edward was such a sainted man, such a pure-hearted, noble individual that he couldn’t possibly have been an evil Satanist who ritually abused children.
With six witnesses alleging SRA to the police, that “Sir Edward Heath was a Satanist who practised SRA” is a valid charge to make against him.  Were Ted Heath alive today, he definitely would have a case to answer.  As it is, Ted Heath has already gone to his final, eternal judgement, whatever that may be.
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Operation Conifer report: Wiltshire Police confirm receipt of Satanist Ritual Abuse allegations against Sir Edward Heath

Wiltshire Police confirmed that allegations of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) against Sir Edward Heath were made to Operation Conifer detectives in an official report published today.
Page 59 of the report states that during Operation Conifer: “…six victims made disclosures that included allegations that Sir Edward Heath was involved in satanic or ritual abuse.”
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Edward Heath “shit storm” expected to hit with 5th October Operation Conifer report

Wiltshire Police expect a “shit storm” when they publish their redacted Operation Conifer report tomorrow, according to an article published today by journalist Mark Watts.
The timing of the report was delayed so as not to coincide with the Conservative Party Conference.  The report is expected to support the credibility of several allegations that former prime minister Sir Edward Heath engaged in the sexual abuse of children.
However, it is feared the report will omit any mention of specifically Satanist-related allegations which were made to Operation Conifer detectives, namely that Ted Heath was a Satanist who engaged in Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children.
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Satanism’s onward march in 21st century Britain

On Monday evening (18 September) in Holborn, as part of London Fashion Week, the Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu showcased her 2018 Collection of Satanic clothing at St Andrew’s Catholic ‘church’.
(As a protestant, I dislike using the word ‘church’ in relation to any temple of Romanism, Popery and Mariolatry.  However, I’m well aware that many if not most British people today lack even a basic grasp of what Catholicism is really about, and of why Catholicism is profoundly errant and evil.  Many if not most are also ignorant of the Bible, and of true Christian faith and practice.  So, under sufferance, to avoid confusion, I shall refer to this Romanist temple as a ‘church’.)
The Roman Catholic ‘church’ has since apologised for hosting this Satanic event.
(Some might say ‘Why the apology?’ coming as it does from an organisation much closer to Satan than to Christ.)
That the Findikoglu 2018 Collection revels in the Satanic could not be more obvious; one only has to look at the photos, such as in the Daily Mail (or here).
Why any sane, decent person would want to dress or act in this way, I do not know, but what’s interesting about Findikoglu’s event is it affords yet more evidence of the open advancement of Satanism, masonry and the occult in British society today.
(Another example is the modern mainstream approach to Halloween – which is, if you don’t know, the most important date in Satanists’ religious calendar.)
But why am I writing about this?  Well, let me ask you a question:
When we are witnessing the growth of unmistakable public manifestations of Satanic symbolism in contemporary British culture, why would anybody think that the existence of real Satanists – who really do participate in black masses, and ritual sacrifices and ritual abuse of people and animals – is a myth?
When we see homosexuals on parade at a ‘gay pride’ event, does anybody seriously think that the practice of sodomy is a myth?  When we see Mohammedans bearing placards in London which say ‘Behead infidels’, does anybody seriously think that the beheading of people by Mohammedans is a myth?  When we see hedonistic festival-goers wearing cannabis slogans and images on their clothing, or tattooed on their bodies, does anybody seriously think that the smoking of cannabis is a myth?
Though not everybody who says something or symbolises something in public actually does it, when we see clear public trends in which people express support for or interest in any particular human behaviour, it is reasonable to expect that some people are certain to be engaged in that behaviour, even though it may be illegal, harmful, cruel and evil, and though it may be repulsive to most people when actually practised for real.
This is common sense and basic psychology.  That which people protest or present in public is certainly indicative of their thoughts and beliefs, and when certain themes are consistently manifested in large numbers of the public – such as Satanic themes, notably at every Halloween – it is unreasonable to think that nobody in society actually acts upon beliefs which are very clearly and regularly manifested in symbolic and cultural expressions in mainstream public consciousness.
Being fully aware of Halloween in Britain today – and nobody can miss it – why would you doubt that some people really do practise witchcraft?  It is frankly very odd that otherwise intelligent people dismiss Satanism and Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) in modern Britain as myth.
Like SRA, sodomy is abhorrent and practised only by a minority of people, but nobody denies that it happens.  Similarly rape, murder and child abuse.  But when murder and child abuse takes place in the context of rituals conducted by Satanists, all of a sudden it’s supposed to be a myth?  This assertion by some that SRA is a myth is nonsense; both logic and evidence tell us so.
It’s my hope that awareness and acceptance of the reality of SRA will be boosted by Wiltshire Police’s imminent publication of its report on its investigation into Sir Edward Heath.  The report is expected to be published in about two weeks, on the 5th or 6th of October.
It is a fact that several witnesses have told Operation Conifer detectives that Ted Heath was a Satanist who practised SRA.  These allegations – that the late prime minister was a Satanist who practised SRA – ought to be included in the public report.  There is no good reason to suppress such information.
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Dear Chief Constable Veale, please don’t cover up Edward Heath SRA allegations

I’ve written twice about Operation Conifer in 2017 (here and here).  It was therefore with some interest that I read the Mail on Sunday’s most recent front page of 10th September, and the associated articles inside that newspaper, regarding Wiltshire Police’s investigation of historic child abuse allegations – which, as a matter of fact, include several allegations of Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) – against the late prime minister Sir Edward Heath.
The Mail on Sunday’s (MoS) general editorial position regarding SRA is to ignore the subject altogether, or, if it must be mentioned, to ridicule the subject as much as possible, to falsely portray SRA as a myth, and to paint SRA victims as fantasists and lunatics.  The Telegraph has exactly the same policy, and for the same purpose; namely, to suppress, deny and discredit the truth about SRA in Britain today.
(Another commonly-used tactic of the SRA suppressors, be they newspapers or others, is to misrepresent SRA as common child abuse – which it most certainly is not – and to label Satanists engaged in SRA as paedophiles, thus obscuring or entirely omitting the true nature of the problem, which is the ritual abuse and torture of children by Satanists, in the fulfilment of their religious beliefs.)
My analysis of the MoS newspaper articles is such that now I suspect that when the imminent public report on Operation Conifer is published by Wiltshire Police, the report will omit any mention of Satanism in relation to Ted Heath, and omit to mention the specifically SRA allegations which have been made against Ted Heath.
And that would be a cover up.  It is a fact that Operation Conifer has received SRA allegations against Ted Heath.  To fail to tell the public about these SRA allegations would be to conceal this information from the public.
Whilst I hope Wiltshire Police do not cover up the SRA allegations in the pending Operation Conifer report, my current fear is that this is exactly what will happen.
I say that based firstly on my analysis of the recent MoS articles and, secondly, upon my awareness of the fact that the suppression and denial of SRA is a long-running mainstream trend in Britain.  On the whole, the press, the police and significant others have been ignoring, denying and covering up SRA in Britain since the late 1980s.
I hope I’m wrong.  And we shall know soon enough.  When we get to see the police report, it will either say something about Satanism and SRA or not.  Because we know that SRA allegations have been made to police, if the police do not mention SRA in their report then we will know that Wiltshire Police chose or was forced to cover up Ted Heath’s alleged SRA.
Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale is under a lot of pressure from the Establishment.  So far, for many months, Veale has withstood that pressure commendably.  It would be tragic if Veale falls at the final fence.
It’s vital to the integrity of the police, and essential to children’s welfare and the public interest, that the Operation Conifer report does not omit, water-down or misrepresent the SRA allegations which are known to have been made against Ted Heath.
Chief Constable Veale can be emailed directly:
As a matter of urgency, everybody with a concern that Wiltshire Police’s imminent report about its investigation of Sir Edward Heath ought to be full and frank, including about SRA, should email Mike Veale to encourage him today.
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You do the maths

Today’s front page story from The Times, about the serious decline of Britain’s defence capability, is alarming.  Retired General Sir Richard Barrons told the Times, “There are potential risks to our homeland and our vital interests abroad that we cannot address with our capability.”
I agree.  But permit me to re-phrase Sir Richard slightly: looking to the future, Britain’s capability to defend the British Isles is inadequate – let alone to defend British interests abroad.
A few statistics for you: in 1961 there were just seven mosques registered in Britain.  Today there are over 1,750 mosques in Britain.  Of that total, there are now over 440 mosques in London – more than any other European city (outside Turkey).
There are currently over four million Muslims in Britain.  Over the next ten years that figure is likely to double to in excess of eight million Muslims.  That really will be a lot of Muslims in Britain.
What kind of homeland defence problems might we have to deal with, just a few years from now?  A rebellion by militant Cornish nationalists?  Probably not, but now is the time for Britain to wake up to the likelihood of large-scale internal security threats in the years ahead.
There are plenty of people, British citizens, resident here, who are determined to conquer Britain, by any means necessary, in order to force the nation into total submission to their evil ideology.  With such enemies we shall be obliged to contend, increasingly, in years to come – a conflict which, regrettably, appears already to be unavoidable.
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Since my last post, I’ve had a couple of minutes to review some of the shocking lies that homosexual Leon Da Silva has published online about Taunton’s lawful Christian street preacher Mike Overd.
Mr Da Silva recently published a statement online in which he claims that “on a regular basis” Mike Overd “hurls racial, homophobic … and offensive comments at the public”, including telling the public “all gays will go to hell”, calling women “whores” as well as “targeting disabled children”.
Mr Da Silva claims that Mike Overd “makes racial remarks and homophobic remarks to anyone who walks past” and “causes local businesses damage on a weekly basis.”
Mr Da Silva operates a business from the E Cigarette Direct premises on Taunton High Street (next to Clarks).
Mr Da Silva claims Mike Overd’s gospel preaching amounts to “hate preaching”.
None of this is true.  It’s a frankly ridiculous libelling of Mike Overd.
Mr Da Silva claims Mike Overd has previously “got away” with “a fine” in relation to his street preaching.  This is not true and is defamatory.  (Mike Overd does not have any criminal conviction related to his street preaching and has paid no fine for such.)
Mr Da Silva claims Mike Overd “takes it [preaching] too far”, despite the fact that the courts have upheld Mike Overd’s preaching as lawful on three occasions (in 2012, 2015 and 2017) – as Mr Da Silva ought to know very well, because he is personally acquainted with two previous homosexual complainants against Mike Overd, a Mr Manning and a Mr Chalmers, whose complaints were dismissed by the courts in 2012 and 2015.
Mike Overd would be within his rights to take legal action to remedy this defamation.
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