Patrick Sookhdeo set for February 2017 trial at Snaresbrook

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, 69, appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court today, for a hearing (Plea and Trial Preparation) presided over by His Honour Judge Oscar Del Fabbro.

Dr Sookhdeo was represented by Mr James Scobie QC.

Dr Sookhdeo re-affirmed his plea of Not Guilty to a charge of indecent assault on a woman (aged 16 or over) between 01 May 1977 and 30 September 1977.

Dr Sookhdeo was bailed to stand trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday 06 February 2017.  The trial is expected to last for five days.

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Background reading on British Christians and Israel

This Melanie Phillips article in The Spectator archive provides some useful background to two miscarriage-of-justice cases with which I’ve been publicly associated in the past year (victim Linda Jones and victim Patrick Sookhdeo).

Melanie Phillips wrote the article in 2002, just months after 9/11.

Phillips’ article considers exactly the sort of anti-Semitism which lay behind the appalling attacks on Linda Jones, a British Messianic Jew, in Watford in 2014.

Phillips’ article also mentions Dr Patrick Sookhdeo’s experience of encountering anti-Semitic hostility to Jews in British churches in 2002.  Patrick Sookhdeo’s views – then and now – are not popular amongst liberal ‘Christians’ such as David Ison (also mentioned in the Phillips article), who is nowadays the pro-homosexual Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

‘Christians Who Hate The Jews’ is well worth a read.


[For the record, I am opposed to Replacement Theology and I love the people of Eretz Israel.]

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Twenty years ago today



Well, it was testing times, twenty years ago today (and the next…)

The recruitment booklet in the above photo was actually put together by the Royal Navy in 1989, but they were still using it in 1996.

A formative experience and a fond memory in this, my fortieth year.

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Sue Reid (Daily Mail), Children Screaming to be Heard, London 2016

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Robert Green on Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon

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No Justice for Linda Jones in Luton

The retrial of Linda Jones took place at Luton Crown Court last week (14 and 15 April).

Jones’ appeal against her conviction was unsuccessful.

Linda Jones maintains her innocence.



The miscarriage of justice against Linda Jones (see previous blogs) has some similarity with the better-known case of Harry Hammond.

Jones has suffered a truly terrible miscarriage of justice, and had to move home to avoid being targeted by Muslim gangs, as a result of the anti-Semitic set up and attacks against her in 2014.

Linda Jones is a very brave woman; I for one applaud her courage in publicly manifesting her Jewish identity in 21st century Britain.

I was at the trial of Jones last year.  She was undoubtedly set up.  Jones never said or did anything remotely criminal, as she was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of saying.

The trial of Jones was really about the freedom of British Jews to manifest their Jewish identity in public today – particularly in relation to the flag of Israel.  It was a very political trial.

In the wake of the injustice visited upon Linda Jones by the British State, the reality is that it has now become a de facto crime to display the flag of Israel in public on a British high street.

Seriously?  Yes, seriously.

What has happened to Linda Jones could easily happen to others.

The British judiciary and British policing are deteriorating rapidly.

As Melanie Phillips observed so well in her book Londonistan, over the past twenty years Britain has moved away from the rule of law towards the growing hell of rule by lawyers.

There are now many judicial activists amongst the judiciary.  (It’s all thanks mainly to the advent of human rights legislation.)  These activists consider it their duty not to enforce the law, as intended – and as sane, decent law-abiding citizens expect them to – but rather to ‘correct’ the law in order to achieve judgements which fit their own social and cultural prejudices.

And so we get appalling miscarriages of justice like Harry Hammond and Linda Jones, cases in which the law and common sense are turned upside down and inside out.  And sadly, Harry and Linda won’t be the last.

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Wiltshire Police threaten Press over Patrick Sookhdeo case

I’m very busy at present but as and when time permits there’s plenty more material waiting to go public as regards the Dr Patrick Sookhdeo miscarriage of justice case.  Watch this space over the coming weeks.

One thing I want to make public now though is my concern over Wiltshire Police handling of this case, including, most recently, the threatening of the press on behalf of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo’s 2014 false accuser.

I will refrain from making a detailed public statement of my views for now, however, the public should know that the police are going round threatening journalists – even foreign journalists.

Mounting evidence points to a very flawed investigation of the Sookhdeo case by Wiltshire Police, and a clear bias in favour of Sookhdeo’s false accuser.

The police bias is such that it seems no matter what lies the false accuser tells the police, the police accept without question.

It has been that way from the first.

Wiltshire Police’s original investigation, which I have established was rather flawed, was from the beginning an operation to pursue and prosecute Dr Sookhdeo.

And it is already public knowledge how Wiltshire Police set up the ridiculous arrest of Dr Sookhdeo at Heathrow airport by armed officers with a totally unnecessary All Ports alert.

What would internal investigations say?

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