No-nonsense Judge Jane McIvor says William Campbell-Taylor court order “Wrong”

In a bizarre hearing in Court Two of Stratford Magistrates’ Court earlier today, District Judge Jane McIvor opined that a restraining order is unlawful whilst at the same time stating the matter is beyond her jurisdiction.  Judge McIvor de facto ruled that the restraining order is unlawful, in ‘judgement’ that was de jure unlawful itself.

The hearing concerned the case of the Reverend William Campbell-Taylor, a City of London politician, and ‘Mr X’, a vulnerable male who cannot be named.  Both gentlemen were present in court today.  Mr X was represented by Mr Payne.

Revd Campbell-Taylor addressed Judge McIvor himself, in company with Mr Miebai of the Crown Prosecution Service; Revd Campbell-Taylor was joined by his brother (acting as a McKenzie Friend), the solicitor Rod Campbell-Taylor.  Revd Campbell-Taylor’s wife, the American photographer Kristin Perers sat in the public gallery.

Mr Payne said, “There are no written reasons on the court file as to why the restraining order was imposed.”  (10:12 am)

Mr Miebai said, “I concur with my friend … there is no record on the court file as to why the restraining order was required.”

Judge McIvor said, “The original decision [to impose a restraining order] was wrong.”  (10:31)

Judge McIvor said, “I can’t review that order because I am not an appellate court.”  (10:32)

Mr Payne said, “The order should never have been imposed in the first place, and, it’s no longer necessary.”  (10:38)

Judge McIvor said, “I’m of the view that there should be an examination of the imposition of the order in the first place.”  (10:43)

Judge McIvor said, “There is a right to appeal to the Crown Court on the imposition of a restraining order.”  (10:44)

Revd Campbell-Taylor said, “I had hoped to find a resolution today.”  (10:46)

Judge McIvor adjourned the case to Tuesday 18 October at Thames Magistrates’ Court, for a half-hour hearing at 1:30 pm.

It is probable that the case will now proceed to an Appeal before a Crown Court (i.e. a Crown Court judge and two lay magistrates).

Adjourning the case, Judge McIvor said the: “…applicant (Mr X) seeks leave to appeal out-of-time against the imposition of a restraining order.”  (10:53)

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St Paul’s silent on homosexual cohabitation in cathedral residence

By Richard Carvath        Friday 02 September 2016

St Paul’s Cathedral has failed to answer questions put to its press office about clerical homosexual cohabitation on its premises.

The cathedral’s press office was contacted via email on 16 August.

The enquiry read:  “…Canon Mark Oakley resides at an Amen Court address – which is St Paul’s Cathedral property – together with another gentleman, Mr Nicholas Laws.  …Canon Oakley and Mr Laws are both homosexual.  Mr Laws’ LinkedIn profile is here:  According to Mr Laws’ profile, since December 2012 he has participated in voluntary work with St Paul’s Cathedral School “boys aged 9 to 12”.  Moreover, Mr Laws refers to the boys having to “…cooperate with others in an informal home setting.”  …  (1)  What is the ‘informal home setting’?  Is this the Amen Court home of Canon Oakley and Mr Laws?  What home(s) does this refer to please?  (2)  Does Canon Oakley participate with Mr Laws in Mr Laws’ activities with the Cathedral boys?  (3)  Do Canon Oakley and Mr Laws regularly host boys in their Amen Court home?  (4)  Do you have any comment on Canon Oakley’s and Mr Laws’ residential living arrangements at Amen Court please?  (5)  How many boys are involved in Mr Laws’ activities? …”

The press office did not respond.

The only response came on 18 August from St Paul’s registrar Emma Davies; in a one-sentence email, she stated: “The school arranges all activities in line with its highest priority of ensuring the safety and well-being of students.”

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Church of England maintains SRA silence

Children’s champion Robert Green says:

“One would surely expect that our church leaders would undertake their fundamental Christian duty to protect and defend the weak.  In particular, it must be reasonable to anticipate that the Church of England’s leaders would be willing and ready to publicly speak out.  Sadly, this seems not to be the case.  Following an exchange of correspondence with both the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York, it is becoming evident that neither are prepared to face down those who commit the most unspeakable of crimes in the name of God’s greatest enemy.  There can be little doubt that a public statement from both or either Archbishop would provide tremendous comfort to those who are presently suffering from SRA, and those whose lives have been horrifically damaged in the past.  The national silence on SRA must be broken.  As long as SRA remains swept under the carpet, the appalling suffering of a growing number of victims will continue unabated.”

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St Paul’s: Mystery in the Cathedral

Last week I made some enquiries with the press office of St Paul’s Cathedral; my enquiry email went to Karen Hart.

I did receive a reply, from Emma Davies, as below:


“Dear Mr Carvath,

The school arranges all activities in line with its highest priority of ensuring the safety and well-being of students.

Yours sincerely,

Emma Davies



Whilst it was pleasant to receive a reply, it was disheartening that this response didn’t actually answer any of the questions I had asked at all.

However, it’s possible to infer from it that the St Paul’s gang may have intended to imply a certain validity to the questions asked yet unanswered.  I simply don’t know.  Enquiries shall continue.

But in the meantime, the mystery for readers is this: what was the nature of my enquiries to the St Paul’s press office?  Are you intrigued?  Think it over…

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Anjem Choudary conviction proves EDOs unnecessary

Good news that Anjem Choudary was convicted of a crime for inviting support for Islamic State.  Hopefully other Muslims in Britain will take note and eschew the preaching of Choudary and others like him.

Bad news that though this conviction proves the legislation we already have is sufficient to nail Islamic extremists, the Government is determined to press on with its plans to introduce Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs).

And even worse, with Labour in crisis, this is happening when we have no effective Opposition worthy of the name.

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Lambeth Palace issues invitation to SRA campaigner Robert Green

Lambeth Palace has issued an invitation, on behalf of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, to SRA campaigner Robert Green.

A meeting will now take place to consider the subject of Satanist Ritual Abuse.

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Scottish Named Person law: Victory for the Christian Institute

Thanks be to God for the Christian Institute’s (and others’) victory at the Supreme Court today.  The court ruled that the Scottish Government’s named person law is unlawful.

In their judgement, the Supreme Court justices said, “The first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is to get at the children, to distance them from … their families, and indoctrinate them in their rulers’ view of the world.”

Hear hear.  Thankfully the Scottish Government’s anti-family, State snooper scheme is dead.  Should heads now roll in the Scottish Government?

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