Why the Ealing abortion buffer zone PSPO is wrong

My basic stance on the proposed Ealing buffer zone PSPO is here.
The zone is unjustified and unnecessary – but is politically-motivated; it mocks British liberty, and will cause suffering to pregnant mums (by hindering pro-life counsellors).  It is unjust, bad law – to be met with legal challenge and civil disobedience.
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Abortionists’ darling Anna Veglio-White: she who must be obeyed?

It’s instructive, if unpleasant, to become better acquainted with 25-year-old pro-abortion Londoner Anna Veglio-White via her public Facebook.  And what will you find revealed there?  Well, it’s a delightful, hedonistic world including skulls and Slayer images, references to assholes, semen and a spit roast, strange masks and drawings (such as what appears to be a purple Satanic dragon), a Jimmy Savile joke, a reflected selfie showing Veglio-White’s [thankfully be-knickered] ‘undercarriage’, and a photo of Miss Veglio-White on her back, on a public pavement, simulating sex with another.
Whilst pro-life pavement counselling is not to be tolerated, it seems there’s little else that Miss Veglio-White won’t have happen on the pavement.  In one Facebook remark, Miss Veglio-White writes of a friend’s father’s semen in her eye.  In another remark, Miss Veglio-White describes herself and a friend as “filthy bitches”.  What a lovely young London lady she must be.
And the decency and maturity flows wherever she goes.  Miss Veglio-White’s Instagram is called getyourknitsout.  (Which phrase might the witty knitter have had in mind when she thought that one up?)  It all tends to paint a character portrait of a woman who won’t succeed in persuading pro-lifers to abandon their life-saving work.  Furthermore, hardly a good role model for any decent young woman in Britain today.
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Anna Veglio-White and her SS sisters won’t stop pro-lifers

Smiling Anna Veglio-White got one thing right when she founded Sister Supporter, the pro-abortion group which demands the total suppression of pro-life activity outside the Marie Stopes baby-abattoir on Mattock Lane in Ealing, West London.
The initials: SS.
The SS did not tolerate freedom of speech, and they did not suffer any innocents to live whom they had chosen for the gas chamber or the firing squad.
And just like Anna Veglio-White and her modern-day SS gang, the SS women of the Nazi death camps also smiled away, regardless of the slaughter in which they were directly involved.  (Try doing a google image search for something like “smiling female SS Auschwitz”.)
Perhaps Anna Veglio-White should pose for glossy magazine photos and smile whilst holding a just-aborted baby?  Or perhaps a couple of just-aborted babies, one in each arm?  Surely that’d make her smile all the more – after all, a dead baby is the only ‘choice’ she really stands for, given her commitment to silencing pro-life voices (and to defaming pro-lifers as being, in effect, criminals).
You’ve got to be pretty sick to falsely accuse people who try to save babies’ lives of criminally “harassing” or “intimidating” other people, but that’s what the SS do.  When you support mass murder, I suppose lies come rather easily.  Just don’t expect any decent person to believe you – much less obey you.
I’m not going to be told what to do by Anna Veglio-White, or by her SS, or by Ealing Council or by Ealing Police.  I won’t obey bad law, and I suspect I won’t be the only one willing to go to jail for upholding British liberty (freedom of speech) and the right to life of all British people.
The imminent PSPO buffer zone is the Final Solution for getting rid of pro-lifers in Ealing.  Millions of people died in the Final Solution, but go look at the Nazi death camps today.  Their murdering days are over.  One day, our British baby-abattoirs will go the same way.
No surrender to mass murder, with or without a smile.
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London: new “Voices of the Silenced” film . . . silenced

One to google, if you haven’t already seen it: Voices of the Silenced film, banned by a London cinema this week.  Ironic and does tend to prove the film’s point.
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Ealing PSPO civil disobedience to save babies and mums, London 2018

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Medway Council social workers lie to dying hero dad Eugene Lukjanenko

Medway Council social workers have lied yet again to hunger-striking hero dad Eugene Lukjanenko, raising the possibility that the unjustly jailed Mr Lukjanenko may commence a No Fluids strike any time now.
Corrupt social workers recently told concert pianist Mr Lukjanenko and his 15-year-old son – whom the State has kidnapped into long-term foster care, against the will of both father and son – that they could start to see each other every two weeks, but the social workers have since broken their word.
Despite a lack of mainstream media coverage (due to the State-backed secrecy shrouding English ‘family’ courts), Eugene Lukjanenko has nonetheless become a hero to thousands of other parents who have also been chewed up and spat out in perverse ‘family’ law proceedings.
‘Family’ courts are widely viewed with contempt and disgust by the many victims of these courts’ wanton injustice and cruelty, as well as by journalists (and others) who know what’s going on but who cannot lawfully report most ‘family’ court proceedings and thus cannot properly expose the truth to the wider public.
Mr Lukjanenko accuses Medway Council Social Services of abusing his son, and has publicly identified the social workers he says are responsible for child abuse.
The same evil and spiteful social workers may soon bear a heavy measure of guilt for tormenting Mr Lukjanenko to death.  If Mr Lukjanenko decides to protest against the latest treachery of Medway social workers by going without fluids – and assuming he is not unlawfully ‘sectioned’ by the State, in order to scupper his protest – then Mr Lukjanenko will likely die of thirst within three agonising days.
Many of Mr Lukjanenko’s supporters question whether hunger strikes are the best tactic by which to pursue justice – especially if he winds up dead.  I understand those concerns, whilst I also recognise that Mr Lukjanenko’s fight against the State, by the limited means at his disposal, is worthy of deep respect.  Mr Lukjanenko has honour – something the State cannot steal from him.
By his tireless and courageous campaigning, Mr Lukjanenko has undoubtedly won a great victory in the Court of Common Sense and the Court of Public Opinion, but sadly, justice, fairness and reason are frequently notable by their absence in the decision-making of the ‘family’ courts.
I hope Mr Lukjanenko will yet live many more years, together with his son, however my fear is that this time next week he will be dead.  Either way, he has honour.  He has stood up to his persecutors, against the odds, and shown them up for the evil people they truly are.
Mr Lukjanenko’s example – especially if in death – will inspire many others to fight for justice with renewed passion, and not to give up.
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Life-saving pro-life public activity under threat in Manchester and Ealing

Manchester council are to head down the same path as Ealing council and pursue a PSPO order to criminalise pro-life activity outside abortion centres.  This is a cancer of oppression which may spread rapidly if it’s not confronted head on and to the hilt.
My personal experience of the Manchester situation at the Marie Stopes abortion centre (Wynnstay Grove) isn’t recent – I’m going back about 6 to 8 years – but unless things have changed, which I doubt, then I can tell you exactly what happens on the pavement outside the abortion centre in Fallowfield.
Once or twice a week, usually a Saturday morning, several pro-life people, men and women – generally all of them Catholics, and probably most of them involved with SPUC – gather on the pavement opposite the abortion centre to conduct  a prayer vigil.  These catholic pro-lifers spend about an hour praying various liturgical catholic prayers on behalf of mums and babies, often with rosary beads, and perhaps displaying catholic imagery such as of Mary, or ‘the sacred heart’.  (I observed these Catholic prayer vigils several times, a few years ago, despite my being very much a protestant!)  However Catholicism manifested historically with the Inquisition, the Spanish Armada and the Gunpowder Plot, I have to say that one could not find a more peaceful group of people than these 21st century pro-life Catholics.  And their commitment to trying to save mums, babies (and dads) from the horror of abortion is admirable.  I also have to say that they are not tactically stupid.  Why on earth would any pro-lifer be rude or aggressive to a woman when the whole purpose of the pro-lifer is to oppose an act of violence to a baby?  The abortion industry’s lie that pro-life people are rude, pushy or violent to mums is ridiculous, not least because any pro-lifer acting like that would hinder rather than help his own cause.  Who, if hoping to start a conversation with a stranger, would be anything other than friendly and polite?
The pro-life Catholics at Wynnstay Grove stand together and pray, and occasionally sing hymns.  When a woman goes in or out of the abortion centre, one of the group will typically offer the woman rosary beads and a pro-life pamphlet, and perhaps engage the woman in conversation (if the woman would like to chat).  I never once saw the pro-lifers be rude or aggressive in any way.  No woman was ever prevented from going into the abortion centre, if that’s what she wanted.  Some mums would stop to talk with the pro-lifers, and some walked away from aborting their babies.  Other mums went ahead and had the abortionists put their babies to death.  The police regularly make contact with the pro-lifers (presumably at the behest of the abortion centre), and you can be sure that if the pro-lifers were doing anything illegal they’d be arrested in a flash.
In summary, there is nothing remotely illegal, violent, aggressive or rude about the weekly pro-life prayer vigils that some Catholics stage opposite the Marie Stopes abortion centre on Wynnstay Grove.  And I would add that these vigils are exactly that – quiet prayer vigils – and are not to be compared with loud ‘protests’ or noisy ‘demonstrations’.
The only other time I’ve encountered pro-lifers near to Wynnstay Grove (at the end of the road, not opposite the abortion centre itself) was when I caught up with an Abort67 public education display in 2014 (photos here).  As with the pro-life Catholics, the Abort67 pro-lifers were entirely peaceful and polite.  (As far as I know, the Abort67 display was a one-off event; Abort 67 aren’t there in Fallowfield every week like the local Catholics.)
As far as I know, Catholics have been conducting pro-life prayer vigils – and pavement counselling if the opportunity arises – at Wynnstay Grove for many years, without anybody having a legal problem with them.  So why they must now be targeted and criminalised by Manchester Council using a PSPO against them I do not know, except that it’s to please the abortion industry – and this is what happens when PSPO powers are given to a council run by pro-abortion Labour Party councillors.  The PSPO powers are in process of being abused for political purposes, in order to silence pro-lifers – not because of any genuine public order concern.
PSPOs are not intended for the purpose of stifling lawful public activities which councillors dislike for their own political reasons.  PSPOs were not brought in so that Labour councillors can gag political opponents or others from publicly expressing themselves.  The tyranny of these pro-abortion left-wingers must be opposed: many lives and British liberty depend upon these unjust and unwarranted PSPOs being opposed to the hilt, including, if necessary, by civil disobedience.
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