Linda Jones miscarriage: District Judge Annabel Pilling and judging the Jews

I’ve almost concluded an investigation into District Judge Annabel Pilling.

Judge Pilling bears the greatest responsibility for the recent wrongful conviction of 65-year-old Jewish woman Linda Jones for a religiously-aggravated ‘hate crime’ against Muslims in Watford, since it was Judge Pilling who gave the egregious guilty verdict in the face of all the trial evidence which clearly established Jones’ innocence.

As soon as my investigation is concluded I will update this blog post with information and quotes about Judge Pilling – published in the public interest, and in the pursuit of justice for an innocent woman who is the victim of a very serious miscarriage of justice.

The investigation should be concluded within the next few days.

UPDATE #1 Is District Judge Annabel Pilling an anti-Semite?

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Linda Jones sentencing 21 May 2015

LindaJonesSentencing21May2015 c RichardCarvath

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Extremism Disruption Orders: Home Office leaked memo: Police to target “Homophobic Extremists” (Christians)

Exclusive VIDEO


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Linda Jones Wrongful Conviction: yet more evidence confirms Jones’ innocence

Last month I covered the trial of Linda Jones (see previous blog posts).  On the basis of the various testimonies given during the trial I was well satisfied that Linda Jones is innocent.

However, since the trial, I’ve recently come across yet another witness who corroborates the testimony of Linda Jones (and other defence witnesses) given during the trial.

I don’t know why this witness wasn’t called or wasn’t available to testify at the trial but the fact is that he did not.

The presence [and the timing of the presence] of this witness at the incident has been corroborated by prosecution witnesses (as well as defence witnesses).

The testimony of this witness is that Linda Jones never said the words that she was accused of saying (and wrongfully convicted of a crime for saying), and moreover that Linda Jones wasn’t even involved in the discussion in which the words attributed to her were supposedly said.

Jones awaits sentencing; I assume she will then proceed to appeal against the conviction.

I believe that the false allegations made to the police against Jones and the subsequent pursuit of prosecution by the Hertfordshire Constabulary were all motivated by anti-Semitism on the part of those who lied to the police and on the part of the police officers who chose to act upon what they must surely have known to be a pack of lies.

Furthermore I repeat my serious concern as to the competence of Judge Annabel Pilling to be serving as a judge.  It was glaringly obvious at the trial that the case against Jones was entirely based on a complete and utter pack of lies.  I’m certain that no jury would’ve convicted Jones and I’m certain that lay magistrates wouldn’t have convicted Jones either.  So why then did a qualified lawyer, a professional judge, convict an obviously innocent defendant?

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Theresa May and Extremists – which could mean anybody

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Street Pastors to the rescue in Swindon



It was a privilege to catch up with the Street Pastors in Swindon last night (Saturday night).  I observed the Street Pastors providing help to several people including a woman (photos above) who collapsed in the street.  It’s no wonder the police appreciate the support of Street Pastor volunteers.

I also had the opportunity to observe at close quarters the officers of Wiltshire Police as they patrolled Swindon’s central pubs, clubs and streets.  As a regular critic of modern British policing it was good to see exemplary policing in action; I was impressed by some Wiltshire Police officers’ handling of the typical Saturday night problems which occur on the streets and in the pubs, clubs and fast food premises.  It was policing at its best and policing as it ought to be: patrolling on foot and enforcing the law.

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Tory victory: enough rope with which to hang themselves?

A majority ‘Conservative’ Government.  Nobody expected this.

David Cameron will now have to make good on his promise of an in-out EU Referendum in 2017.  I believe he only made this promise because he had no expectation that he would ever have to honour it.  Cameron is committed to the EU and so the ‘Conservatives’ – in company with big business and major media – are now obliged to unleash the propaganda necessary to rig the referendum the way they want.  (I’m very clear that Britain would be much better off outside the EU and I will be voting to ‘get my country back’ in the referendum.)*  The fact that we’re finally going to get an EU referendum could spell the death of UKIP (as it could also be the final nail in Britain’s coffin, if we don’t escape the EU this time).

In my opinion the SNP’s landslide victory is a disaster for Scotland and for the rest of Britain.  David Cameron and the ‘Conservatives’ will have to endure Nicola Queen of Scots and her gang looking for every opportunity to stick the knife in, however, since Cameron and his inner Tory circle probably secretly desire to part with Scotland, that pain may not be so hard to bear for the Tories (though I believe independence would be disastrous for Scotland and the rest of Britain).

If there are any real conservatives left in the ‘Conservative’ Party (I don’t know, are there?) it may be that Cameron will have a rough ride from the parliamentary party’s Tory Right.  The Tories do not have a huge majority and so rebellious really-are-conservative Conservative MPs have the potential to cause problems for radical liberal-left Cameron.  Now that the Lib Dems are dead, as the leader of a majority Tory government Cameron cannot blame the Lib Dems whilst pretending to be a conservative.  Henceforth Cameron will have to pretend to be conservative whilst implementing his anti-conservative ideology and agenda without a coalition partner helping to conceal the Cameron con.

Cameron and the ‘Conservatives’ certainly did not deserve this victory, but it may be that it will only serve to give them enough rope with which to hang themselves.  The problem is they may take the rest of us down with them.  Britain is broke.  Our rising national debt is unsustainable and major manufacturing industry is all but dead.  David Cameron has no solutions to fix Broken Britain, and the one good thing he could give us (EU exit) is something he will do his utmost to avoid.

I think the old adage about whether ‘the ruling party wins or the opposition party loses’ (or vice versa) is very applicable to this election result.  This election swung the Tories’ way on the back of voters’ mass delusional anxieties provoked by  fear propaganda; Cameron didn’t so much win as Miliband lost.

It’s possible that Britain will have stable government for the next five years under Cameron, but will it also be a good government?  On the basis of what Cameron’s done already, my expectation is that he will lead a bad government – and it could easily be worse than the abysmal Coalition.

Cameron and the ‘Conservatives’ will have to grasp some very nasty nettles indeed over the next five years.  The British economy is weak and lifeless and the only sign of growth is in the national debt.  We can be sure that David Cameron and his cronies won’t suffer the hardships of the real world but the same cannot be said for the rest of us.

Looking to the immediate future, perhaps the only thing in which we can be hopeful is the possibility of withdrawal from the EU.  Otherwise, with a fool and a fraud leading our crippled country it’s hard to find any cause for optimism.


*  Even if we do win the referendum and the UK officially ceases to belong to the EU, I’m not so naïve as to think that escape from the EU is quite so simple as just winning the referendum, as long as we have a pro-EU political elite in control of Britain.  Our pro-EU political masters are quite capable of finding ways to leave us in de facto subjugation to the EU whilst giving us the appearance of having recovered our national sovereignty – but that’s a story for another day.

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