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Hampstead: the dilemma

One of the difficulties in advancing justice in the Hampstead Cover Up case is the simple fact that the police are complicit in the cover up.  When you know you can’t trust the police, to whom can you go?  If they can possibly avoid it, the police are not going to do anything to help justice-seekers in this case.  Worse than that, the police are likely to make strenuous efforts to suppress justice-seekers, not least because justice would mean police failings exposed.  This is the familiar dilemma every time serious, organised crime – in this case, SRA child abuse (&etc) – has the police in its pocket.
Consider, for example, that amongst the material I have obtained to date is video of an identified ‘person of interest’ (to the Hampstead Cover Up case) grooming a primary schoolgirl.  This particular video is what I’d call ‘useful’ or ‘helpful’, in intelligence terms.  But I know the police would do nothing with it, except perhaps to warn a few people of what they’d been given.  And if I were to put the video out online, the police would also do nothing, but I’d have revealed my hand to the other side.  These are some of the risks in considering how to proceed with a serious criminal investigation in which the police are part of the problem.
As so often in cases like this, and especially in the internet era, well-meaning amateurs make reckless cock-ups – poor tactical decisions, zealous but foolish – which serves only to muddy the waters for skilled, experienced operators, and sadly, the baddies are the only beneficiaries.  It is against such a backdrop of mistakes [plus a significant body of disinformation] that I have to weigh up how to proceed: what to do, what not to do, how and when.  It may be that video, such as that referred to above, does find its way online next year.  We shall see.  There’s a time to publish and a time to hold.  For now, I hold.
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Brief encounters in the darkness

Last night (21:45 hours), as he made his way home, a brief word was had with Mrs X’s youngest son.
A very revealing encounter indeed.
One of the many problems Mrs X and Mr X have had, ever since Mrs X attacked Dr Patrick Sookhdeo with her false allegations (February 2014), is that they effectively obliged their children to go along with them.
But the children know the truth by now.
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The depression and anxiety of Mrs X

The outrageous false allegations of the last false accuser ‘Mrs Z’ (and ‘Mr Z’) against Dr Patrick Sookhdeo were, thankfully, thrown out by a London jury earlier this year.
However, for the time-being at least, in the eyes of the State [and his spiritual/political enemies], Patrick Sookhdeo remains stuck with the ‘Mrs X’ convictions wrongfully imposed upon him three-and-a-half years ago in Swindon.
Patrick Sookhdeo has always maintained his innocence.  (I believe him.  So does any intelligent person to consider the case.)  The Sookhdeo Not Guilty report (which, since 2018, has been ‘out there’ publicly) clearly establishes the truth that Patrick Sookhdeo is an innocent man, wrongfully convicted.
Sookhdeo’s first false accuser Mrs X has never really left my radar.  She was never going to be able to keep up her web of lies and deceit, year in, year out, for the rest of her life.  From the beginning, I always knew Mrs X would crack up.  In fact, her record in life is that she’s cracked up several times in the past.
Mrs X is the kind of unstable woman who will tell a pack of lies – just like she did with Patrick Sookhdeo (2013/14/15) – but who is subsequently haunted and consumed by guilt, and needs to confess the truth – at least in private, to trusted confidantes.  Because, very early on, I understood that Mrs X was unstable in her thinking and moods, I always knew she’d slip up.  It’s just a matter of keeping a watch and being patient.  And so Mrs X remains under surveillance; she has committed very serious crimes against Patrick Sookhdeo (and hurt many others) and, if at all possible, Mrs X must be brought to justice, and Patrick Sookhdeo fully vindicated, in this life.
Mrs X (with Mr X) may have persuaded some people at her church to side with her, for the time-being, but those people won’t believe her lies forever – not once they grasp the truth.
I do have a measure of sympathy for Mrs X.  I know she suffers from long-standing mental and emotional problems.  And I know about her family problems.  These facts do not excuse Mrs X’s crimes against Patrick Sookhdeo, but they form the broader context in which she did what she did: Mrs X is not a well woman (as even her daughter admits).
Tellingly, one of several items in Mrs X’s home to indicate the underlying issues in her life is Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ classic Christian book Spiritual Depression.
Spiritual Depression currently sits on the third shelf up, where it is the thirtieth book in (from the right end of the shelf).
The ‘thirty pieces of silver’ Mrs X received for her appalling betrayal of Patrick Sookhdeo will never compensate for the guilty feelings of stabbing an innocent man.  Judas hanged himself.  I’m sure the good doctor, Dr Lloyd-Jones, wouldn’t recommend suicide.  Nor would the Lord Jesus.
What Mrs X needs to do is repent.  Properly; genuinely; publicly.  No more private confessions.  Mrs X must go to the police and confess that she made up a pack of lies against an innocent man.  Mrs X can have peace.  Mrs X can find forgiveness.  All she needs to do is repent.
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Well, I’ve now had time to note that, in my absence, there’ve been a few moments of what I shall refer to as OBO ‘naughtiness’, both here and on Twitter.
I don’t have time to tidy everything up now, but a little tidying up is on the ‘To do’ list.
As for the [unpublished] yarn that I used to date Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s more attractive sister, one is suitably amused.
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Hampstead: a Cover Up (not a hoax)

The notorious Hampstead SRA Cover Up case is not a hoax, as those behind the Hoaxtead website are so desperate to have us believe.
Surveillance and source-work have been going on in Hampstead for quite some time, and are yet to be concluded.
I’m now at the stage where I’m happy publicly to nail my colours to the mast, not only in stating this is a genuine SRA case but also in revealing that I’ve gone to the trouble of looking into the case myself.
My team has video of ‘persons of interest’ as well as intelligence gathered from surveillance and human sources.
I’m not going to say too much more about this case in public for the time being, except to finish this blog-post by giving my opinion of Christ Church, which I have visited.
I do not think Christ Church is a genuine Christian church; the ‘core people’ there are not Christians.
There are many indicators that this is so, which I won’t divulge in detail; however, many of these clues could be listed together under a heading such as ‘The absence of Jesus’.
Anybody (a real, THS-filled, mature Christian especially) attending services at Christ Church Hampstead who is also familiar with a conservative evangelical Anglican church meeting will quickly detect that there’s something very wrong about Christ Church Hampstead.
For those who haven’t been to Christ Church in person, and probably never will, you could compare its website with that of a typical conservative evangelical Anglican parish church website.
It’s clear from the Christ Church website that the people behind it have no interest in telling others about Jesus, or about what they believe.  There is no gospel message on the website itself, and no links to Christian websites for those wanting to know more about Jesus and the Christian faith.
Christians – who know and are passionate about Jesus and want to make Him known to others – are not running the Christ Church website.
The Christ Church website is keen to tell us about local history, architecture and music . . . but not Jesus.
Christ Church Hampstead may claim to be a Christian church, and may superficially look like a Christian church, but in my assessment it is not.
Which leads to the question: Who do the core people at Christ Church really worship?
Whoever it is, it’s not Jesus.
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I’m back online.
(Thanks to the OBOs for holding the fort.)
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