Linda Jones and the Daily Mail

I only found out about last week’s Linda Jones trial (St Albans Magistrates) on the Friday before the Monday.

I didn’t intend to cover it myself but I did blog about it here (as soon as I heard about it) and tweet about it on Twitter (as noticed by Cranmer).

(In the end, very last minute, I found myself covering the trial.)

Mentioning just one national by name, it may interest readers to know that the Daily Mail did show interest in the Linda Jones trial when it first heard about the story, and that it had just enough notice to get somebody there had it decided to do so.  So why didn’t the Mail cover Jones?  Why indeed; I’ve no doubt it was a ‘Mail story’.

The Mail heard about the trial because somebody (not me) told the Mail newsdesk about my first entry on the Jones case here on this blog, however, after initial interest, nothing.  Curious that.

Having covered the Jones trial (as reported on this blog), I’ve no doubt that the Jones story ought to be front-page news.

So why the silence?

The answer is probably that the mainstream London press are terrified of running a story featuring Jews and Muslims, and mentioning anti-Semitism and Hamas, on the streets of Watford.

That said – assuming Jones appeals against her conviction – the nationals may yet redeem themselves by covering the Jones case at appeal.

I’ve heard that Melanie Phillips might be interested in the Jones story, though I’ve had no contact with her myself about the Jones case.

I’m aware that weekly Christian newspapers (print editions) are going to report on the Jones case as to date I’ve had two requests for photos.

As for my further involvement in this story, for the time being it is limited to pursuing comment/interview from/with various Hertfordshire Constabulary officers – and I also hope to obtain comment from the Israeli Ambassador, His Excellency Daniel Taub.

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Private rents and zero hours contracts

After some consideration I’ve decided that for the coming General Election I’m not going to publicly disclose which party/candidate I intend to vote for.  I’ve decided that I will vote in this election, and I will be giving my vote essentially to the party of my choice rather than to that party’s particular candidate in my constituency.  Those who know me well will probably be able to guess for whom I will vote this time – and even those who don’t know me well are probably able to guess – but this time at least I’ve decided that I’m not actually going to say.  I don’t expect that the party I vote for will win in my constituency, and I don’t expect that the party I vote for will have the largest number of elected MPs after the election, but I do think it’s the only party I can credibly conceive of voting for, based upon the party’s main policies and agenda.  It may be that this party will hold the balance of power in the event of a hung parliament; we shall see.

Despite not being a Labour man, and despite the fact that Labour won’t be getting my vote this time (I’ve never voted Labour and doubt I ever would), I must say I can wholeheartedly support in principle Labour’s position regarding the private rental market and also zero hours contracts.

I think that Labour’s proposals for rent control are probably unworkable in practice and risk reducing the availability of private rental properties, but my sympathy ideologically is absolutely with the poor and the struggling, many of whom are being exploited by commercial landlords and letting agents.

I think it’s scandalous that simply to get one’s foot in the door of a modest, privately-rented property (i.e. a rent of £300 to £500 per month) now costs £1,000 to £1,500 through a typical commercial letting agent, especially given that tenants’ ‘security of tenure’ is usually only for six or twelve months.

One solution would be the greater availability [somehow] of more affordable homes.  Another solution would be to reduce the number of people looking for homes to rent (EU withdrawal; supporting and promoting marriage rather than cohabitation and divorce on demand).

How long until we see shanty towns in Britain?  I’m afraid it’s not such a silly question.  The number of homeless people in Britain is already appalling – from those literally on the streets to the tens of thousands who have no proper home worthy of the name, but who survive by dossing temporarily with friends or relatives, a few nights here and a few nights there.

As for zero hours contracts, I think these are exploitative and I think Labour is right to seek to curtail such contracts.  That said, I think the bigger issue by far is the need to protect British workers and the British labour market in a much broader sense, in a way that is only possible if we leave the EU, and so whilst I sympathise with Labour’s heart on this issue I fail to see how a Labour government could actually do anything to help Britain’s poorest workers as long as Britain remains swamped by EU migrants, for Labour is committed to the EU (as is the Tory party – don’t believe Cameron’s referendum con).

In the next few days I hope to publish [at least an overview of] a story about the exploitation of minimum wage workers on zero hours contracts in Britain.  For the foreseeable future the poor will continue to be exploited by wealthy businessmen in Britain, and nobody with political power will have the ability or the desire to stop it, but journalists like myself can at least shine a light on what is going on.

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EXCLUSIVE: Linda Jones: trial evidence suppressed: anti-Jewish Hertfordshire police officers behind prosecution

Linda Jones’ [wrongful] conviction relates to 17 April 2014.

The person who called the police on 17 April 2014 was Miss Heather Inglis.

Inglis testified against Jones at the trial (St Albans Magistrates’ Court; 20/21 April 2015) relating to the 17 April 2014 charge for which Jones was [wrongfully] convicted.

At Jones’ trial (20/21 April 2015) – which considered only a charge against Jones relating to 17 April 2014 – the Court did not hear about a separate incident which occurred on the 24 July 2014.

Hertfordshire Constabulary arrested Linda Jones on 24 July 2014 (in regard of simliar circumstances to 17 April 2014).

[24 July 2014: 2551 M***** HT94 F******* 2803 S***]

The 24 July 2014 incident also involved Inglis (as had the events of 17 April 2014).

In addition to arresting Jones on 24 July 2014, at the same time Hertfordshire Constabulary confiscated Beit Nitzachon property, including the flag of Israel, to be used as evidence against Jones.

Inglis gave a statement to Hertfordshire Constabulary on 24 July 2014.

According to Inglis’ witness statement (24 July 2014): “I [Inglis] picked up her [Jones] flag [Israel flag] and threw it on the ground.”

According to Inglis’ witness statement (24 July 2014); Inglis said to Jones: “The only terrorist round here is you.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary/CPS brought no charges against Linda Jones in regard of 24 July 2014 – despite the fact that Inglis’ allegations in regard of 24 July were of a similar nature and seriousness to those in regard of 17 April.

However, Hertfordshire Constabulary/CPS were (1) willing to proceed against Jones in regard of 17 April 2014 with a charge which originated with Inglis’ complaint to the police, and; (2) willing to proceed (re 17 April 2014) using Inglis as a prosecution witness both to testify to what she saw/heard and also to corroborate the prosecution testimonies of Munir and Shah.

Hertfordshire Constabulary/CPS has never taken any action against Inglis in regard of her [confessed and witnessed] conduct with the flag of Israel on 24 July 2014.

The police constable who arrested Jones on 24 July 2014 did not testify at Jones’ trial (20/21 April 2015) – despite the defence’s request that he do so.

A senior Hertfordshire Constabulary source (approached by a military intelligence proxy source) has revealed that two of the police constables involved in the Jones case are known to hold anti-Jewish, anti-Israel views.

[Note: Heather Teresa Inglis, aged 29; born February 1986 in Barking/Dagenham.  Currently resident in Watford.  Current partner: Harry Kokotas.  Note to editors: photos and further information available.]

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Court reporting


(Photo: knackered at the end of covering a two-day trial, at last-minute notification, in St Albans… and only 12 hours to bed.)

Journalism covers many different activities and situations.  For me, one of the most worthwhile aspects of journalism – but also one of the most demanding – is court reporting.

In fact, court reporting is often misery – especially when one has to cover a trial singlehandedly, somehow managing to take testimony notes, obtain photos/film, conduct interviews and file it all when everybody else gets to eat, take a break or go home.

Not including whatever travelling is necessary, a typical day starts about half-an-hour before the court opens to the public.  This is the time to recce the court building and immediate surrounds, in order to be ready to snap people as they arrive.

Catching people arriving for court and getting good photographs isn’t as easy as you might think.  The subjects are moving; one often has only a rough idea as to what the subjects look like; and often subjects don’t want to be photographed.  (It can be amusing to see people – including police officers – going in with their coats zipped over their heads.  And one woman once tried to obscure her face with a large banana.)

Cameras and recording equipment aren’t allowed in court buildings, which means either having to back-and-forth to the car or else fanny around with the admin to leave it with court security officers.

During a trial, the stress of frenzied writing and concentrating for extended periods of time can take its toll.  Witnesses with quiet voices, heavy accents or who speak very fast are hard to catch.  Temperamental judges can also create problems; sometimes this is simply because they’d rather not have the scrutiny.

It’s often best – especially if you’re on your own – to accept from the beginning of the day that you’re not going to eat or take any break at all until evening.  This is even more exacting if you are up at silly o’ clock to travel two or three hours just to get to location.

Then there are all the legal requirements which attach to reporting trials.  All in all I find that covering trials is often tough but perhaps all the more satisfying for it.  And for all the effort, trials often make for great stories.

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Linda Jones: so seriously

I rarely write satire nowadays but occasionally I believe it can be justified.  I tend to adopt a satirical approach only in those exceptional circumstances which I believe really merit it.  The case of Linda Jones is one such instance.  My previous post is satirical but now let me say it straight.

So seriously…

Linda Jones is innocent in my book, if not the State’s.

Linda Jones is a lovely woman and the people of Beit Nitzachon are good people.

There are only two more things I’d like to say today.

Yesterday, at St Albans Magistrates’ Court, Beit Nitzachon’s leader Lionel Zucker said:

“Jesus is the King of the Jews.”

I haven’t got a better ‘quote-of-the-day’ than that, but I do have a Bible verse which has been on my heart for the last few days, and which I think is rather apt.

It is the second verse of the fiftieth Psalm:

“From Zion, perfect in beauty, God shines forth.”

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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Meet Linda Jones and the Beit Nitzachon hate gangsters

In this exclusive photoset you can see Jewish hate criminal Linda Jones and her motley crew from the Beit Nitzachon congregation in North London.

This vicious gang of hardened Messiah preachers regularly terrorise innocent Muslims on Watford High Street.

Nobody’s hijab is safe when Linda Jones is on the prowl.

65-years old, five foot tall, seven-and-a-half stones Linda Jones is Watford’s baddest Messiah gangster and she really kicks Asian ass.

Hamas don’t dare to tread on Linda’s turf – cos she’s the nastiest, baddest bitch in Watford.

She’ll tell you to F*** O** as soon as look at you.

Nobody crosses this Jew Ho without getting a serious tongue-lashing.

Thankfully, the Hertfordshire Constabulary finally nailed Linda for terrorising young, innocent Asian Muslim men whose only crime was to approach her Beit Nitzachon table.

Let’s hope we never see the flag of Israel in Watford again.

Lock her up!

[**Irony** **Satire**]

Check out British Jews Blues Queen Elkie Brooks with Vinegar Joe feat. MC Linda Jones performing Proud to be a Honky Woman :

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Comment on Linda Jones: Judge Annabel Pilling has made displaying the flag of Israel a de facto hate crime against Muslims

Well, I’m just back from a couple of days in St Albans/London and it’s past four in the morning.  This is just a very quick comment on the Linda Jones case; it’s likely that I will have more to say on this case at a later date.

My assumption is that Linda Jones will appeal against her conviction.

Sentence wasn’t given with verdict; Jones has been referred to probation for pre-sentence report.

I believe the conviction is wrong.

I have covered many trials.  I’ve seen miscarriages of justice before.  I have to say that Linda Jones’ wrongful conviction is arguably the worst miscarriage of justice I’ve ever witnessed personally.

Without exaggeration, without hyperbole, I would describe Judge Annabel Pilling’s verdict as outrageous, perverse and bizarre.

For the record, Linda Jones is Jewish, born in England – the daughter of Polish/Belgian Jews who came to London following the pogroms.  Jones’ aunt survived the Holocaust; Jones’ grandparents were murdered by the Nazis.

Judge Annabel Pilling convicted the elderly and diminutive Jones of the racially/religiously aggravated harassment of not one but two young Asian Muslim men.

Judge Annabel Pilling chose to believe the testimony of the two Muslims over the testimony of the defendant and several other defence eye-witnesses.

Judge Annabel Pilling specifically convicted Jones of telling the Muslims that they were ‘terrorists with guns in their pockets’.  Jones denies this.  Having heard the trial, I do not believe Jones said any such thing.

The Muslims approached Jones – not the other way round.  One of the Muslims was chiefly attracted in the first instance to the Beit Nitzachon display (where Jones was) by the presence of the flag of Israel.  This Muslim, according to the Muslims’ own testimony, had to be pulled back by his friend.

Am I to believe that the female, diminutive and elderly Messianic Jew, Linda Jones, was the one harassing the two young Muslim men, aged 21 and 24, amongst others she supposedly harassed that day?  I know a word for this sort of claim, beginning with B and ending in T.

Judge Annabel Pilling played the ‘smiling assassin’ in this trial.  I was watching her closely.  She let the mask slip only once over two days, but I noticed it (and I may elaborate on this incident in a future post).

The issue of the display of the flag of Israel was central to this trial.  Alan Burdis-Smith for the CPS and Judge Annabel Pilling were both careful to emphasise that de jure there is nothing illegal per se about displaying the flag of Israel in public in Britain, but it is my considered opinion that in finding Jones guilty, Judge Annabel Pilling implied strongly that any public display of Israel’s flag in Britain is a de facto criminal incitement of Muslims and a de facto ‘hate crime’ against Muslims.

I had a fascinating conversation with barrister Alan Burdis-Smith during a recess.  Mr Burdis-Smith has advocated in many cases of Section 4 charges and Section 4 (a) charges (Public Order Act 1986).  In Mr Burdis-Smith’s long experience of such cases, Linda Jones’ case was the first time he had ever had a case which revolved around the disagreement between proponents of Israel and proponents of ‘Palestine’.

Make no mistake about what was really on trial here: the flag of Israel; and the freedom of British Jews to manifest and speak about their faith and identity in Britain today.

This trial was also yet another battle in the war of ‘Palestine’ upon Israel, of Muslims upon Jews.  It was actually disgusting to witness Linda Jones standing trial for and being wrongfully convicted of such an evil and absurd charge.

I put the judiciary on warning that there is a rogue judge amongst them.  On the basis of the egregious Jones verdict, my verdict is that Judge Annabel Pilling is not fit to hold the office of judge – and I offer her the opportunity to argue this with me in public debate if she begs to differ.

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