To Russia with Love


This is a favourite photo of mine (of course, no credit to me for the painting itself) – a striking Russian icon of the Christ.  The painting comes from St Petersburg.  The words are in old Russian, from the Gospel of Matthew (Chapter 11, Verse 28).

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

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Prostitutes and Police: what I’ve been saying for years

This is exactly what I (and many others) have been saying for years.

All brothels in Britain are illegal; that is the law.  So, if there’s an illegal brothel that you know about, there’s only one reason why it exists.  Every brothel in Britain exists only because the police refuse to enforce the law against these brothels.

Sandy’s Superstars is a particularly famous example.

Every brothel in Britain could be ‘closed overnight’ if there was the will to do so – and, if that were ever to happen, the beneficial effect would be huge.  It needs nothing more than for the police to stop being dishonourable rogues and to do the job they are paid and resourced for by the taxpayer, and to fulfil the sworn oath they all take to uphold the law.

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Steve Stevens DFC

It has been my privilege to know many good men in the military, the police and even the ‘secret world’, over the years.  The best of these men are generally Christians.  It is the way of things: where Christ is, there good men dwell.  You may never have heard of Steve Stevens, until now.  He died earlier this year, at a good old age.  It’s always wonderful to see how the blessings of a good life cascade down through the generations.  Stevens was a great inspiration to former RAF Squadron Leader Peter de Bourcier, and de Bourcier has in turn been a great inspiration to me.  Now I’m no pilot like de Bourcier or Stevens – I’m much more familiar with the naval side of things – but nonetheless it’s a great blessing to know (or even merely to know of) men of Christ such as these.  Christians and yet also men with a military background.

I think perhaps there’s something about military service which almost ‘predisposes’ many men to receive Christ.  It may well be ironic, given that Jesus is the prince of peace, or then again, perhaps it’s just common sense that men who’ve fought and experienced combat desire the peace found only in Christ.  Or it could be the ready acceptance of authority, like that embodied in a commanding officer, when one meets the almighty, omnipotent King.  As you will know if you read the Bible, Christ made quite an impression on more than a few Roman soldiers, and since then, soldiers, sailors and airmen continue to meet this King, and are forever changed.  I find it amusing, but also sad, that in Britain today the popular perception amongst many men is that following Christ is for women or for wimps.  I have to say, in my experience, I’ve known plenty of Christian men who are definitely not wimps!  Hundreds of them; many of them military or ex-military.  And they tend to have a great testimony, which is why I recommend searching online for Christian military men if you seek inspiration (besides the many warriors in the Bible, of course).  The next time somebody says Jesus is for women or for wimps, remind them of King David, remind them of Orde Wingate or countless others; tell them to hit Google and search out the great men of the faith.  Jesus is for women and wimps, warriors and sinners.  Few in Britain today know what war is (though that could easily change), but there are certainly Christians amongst the few that do.  So whatever you do, please don’t bore me with that stupid ‘it’s only for wimps’ lie, thanks.

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Carvath’s Attorneys security alert

I’ve had a security alert which I deem it prudent to mention here.  It relates to what has been a recurrent online problem for me over the years.

Given the nature of the internet, it is to be expected that a person such as myself – an investigative journalist going up against various evil and nasty people – is going to be troubled with this sort of thing from time to time.

I’ve had enemies setting up fake blogs and email addresses before; it’s nothing new to me.  Tell the police (as I have on occasion done) and they are reliably useless when the victim is somebody like myself (i.e. somebody some police officers don’t like very much).

Parody and satire I expect, and though it may be irritating and offensive, it is essentially harmless, but sometimes things happen which are far more serious.  And until you know what you’re dealing with, it’s best to play it safe.

Therefore, though I hope what I’m about to refer to is no more than yet another harmless parody, I nevertheless think it necessary to point out (yet again) that I’m only blogging here.  All that being said then:

I am not running Carvath’s Attorneys …

…any more than I am running Harriet’s Place – an especially laughable idea, given my stance on Israel – WikiLeaks or the CIA.  I hope that’s clear.

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A yobbo no more

Are you a yobbo?  Get some culture.  That’s my advice.

This piece of music is a favourite of mine.  One of those ‘Play it at my funeral’ tunes.  Not that I’ll be listening then, but you hear what I’m saying.

Thank God for ears to hear when there’s so much great music in the world.

It’s such a shame that so many people never get the benefit of the best there is.

And more’s the pity, for many of those people, it’s because they’re accustomed only to rubbish and are ‘happy’ with pop poison.

They never reach for the better fruit.  They probably don’t even notice it’s there.  So sad, in my view.

Music – good music, that is – is amongst God’s abundant blessings to man.  We ought to be thankful and rejoice.

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No-nonsense Judge Jane McIvor says William Campbell-Taylor court order “Wrong”

In a bizarre hearing in Court Two of Stratford Magistrates’ Court earlier today, District Judge Jane McIvor opined that a restraining order is unlawful whilst at the same time stating the matter is beyond her jurisdiction.  Judge McIvor de facto ruled that the restraining order is unlawful, in ‘judgement’ that was de jure unlawful itself.

The hearing concerned the case of the Reverend William Campbell-Taylor, a City of London politician, and ‘Mr X’, a vulnerable male who cannot be named.  Both gentlemen were present in court today.  Mr X was represented by Mr Payne.

Revd Campbell-Taylor addressed Judge McIvor himself, in company with Mr Miebai of the Crown Prosecution Service; Revd Campbell-Taylor was joined by his brother (acting as a McKenzie Friend), the solicitor Rod Campbell-Taylor.  Revd Campbell-Taylor’s wife, the American photographer Kristin Perers sat in the public gallery.

Mr Payne said, “There are no written reasons on the court file as to why the restraining order was imposed.”  (10:12 am)

Mr Miebai said, “I concur with my friend … there is no record on the court file as to why the restraining order was required.”

Judge McIvor said, “The original decision [to impose a restraining order] was wrong.”  (10:31)

Judge McIvor said, “I can’t review that order because I am not an appellate court.”  (10:32)

Mr Payne said, “The order should never have been imposed in the first place, and, it’s no longer necessary.”  (10:38)

Judge McIvor said, “I’m of the view that there should be an examination of the imposition of the order in the first place.”  (10:43)

Judge McIvor said, “There is a right to appeal to the Crown Court on the imposition of a restraining order.”  (10:44)

Revd Campbell-Taylor said, “I had hoped to find a resolution today.”  (10:46)

Judge McIvor adjourned the case to Tuesday 18 October at Thames Magistrates’ Court, for a half-hour hearing at 1:30 pm.

It is probable that the case will now proceed to an Appeal before a Crown Court (i.e. a Crown Court judge and two lay magistrates).

Adjourning the case, Judge McIvor said the: “…applicant (Mr X) seeks leave to appeal out-of-time against the imposition of a restraining order.”  (10:53)

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St Paul’s silent on homosexual cohabitation in cathedral residence

By Richard Carvath        Friday 02 September 2016

St Paul’s Cathedral has failed to answer questions put to its press office about clerical homosexual cohabitation on its premises.

The cathedral’s press office was contacted via email on 16 August.

The enquiry read:  “…Canon Mark Oakley resides at an Amen Court address – which is St Paul’s Cathedral property – together with another gentleman, Mr Nicholas Laws.  …Canon Oakley and Mr Laws are both homosexual.  Mr Laws’ LinkedIn profile is here:  According to Mr Laws’ profile, since December 2012 he has participated in voluntary work with St Paul’s Cathedral School “boys aged 9 to 12”.  Moreover, Mr Laws refers to the boys having to “…cooperate with others in an informal home setting.”  …  (1)  What is the ‘informal home setting’?  Is this the Amen Court home of Canon Oakley and Mr Laws?  What home(s) does this refer to please?  (2)  Does Canon Oakley participate with Mr Laws in Mr Laws’ activities with the Cathedral boys?  (3)  Do Canon Oakley and Mr Laws regularly host boys in their Amen Court home?  (4)  Do you have any comment on Canon Oakley’s and Mr Laws’ residential living arrangements at Amen Court please?  (5)  How many boys are involved in Mr Laws’ activities? …”

The press office did not respond.

The only response came on 18 August from St Paul’s registrar Emma Davies; in a one-sentence email, she stated: “The school arranges all activities in line with its highest priority of ensuring the safety and well-being of students.”

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