Peacemaker Dennis Wrigley 1930 – 2015

It is with great sadness that I learned this evening of the death, yesterday morning, of Dennis Wrigley of Flixton.  Dennis Wrigley was perhaps the most extraordinary man I’ve ever known.  Humble, wise and strong.  Joyful.  An immense energy, even in his last years.  Truly a man of God.  A peacemaker.  We prayed together; we broke bread together.  He spoke; I listened.  He attended my wedding.  He was a good shepherd.  A businessman, lobbyist, campaigner, author, speaker, pastor, healer and much more, no obituary of mine could do him justice.  Dennis was a formidable spiritual and political influencer, founder of the Maranatha Community and a mentor to, amongst others, David Alton.  Though Dennis never served as an MP himself – despite both the Conservatives and Labour offering him a safe seat in the 1960s (if only he’d leave the Liberal Party) – he brought much salt and light to Parliament in decades of service to the British people.  Never one to seek the limelight, Dennis was one of the greatest Christian statesmen of the twentieth century.  His social, political and charitable accomplishments, if publicised, would fill a considerable volume of biography.  Death, of course, is not the end.  Dennis’ profound legacy of peace-making will live on, as indeed he lives on in eternity, in the Kingdom.  Shalom, Dennis.

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Extremist gathering near the Home Office


Extremists flocked to a meeting held just yards from the Home Office yesterday.

The photo above shows notorious extremist Andrew Marsh arriving for the meeting of extremist group the National Church Leaders’ Forum (NCLF) at extremist venue the Emmanuel Centre on Marsham Street.

Just look at the man.  This is exactly the sort of extremist who might, without warning, whip his Bible out in public.  Imagine the devastation of Bible verses quoted in Sainsbury’s, Jesus mentioned in the pub, or worse, during church services.

Thankfully, Home Secretary Theresa May is pushing for legislation including Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) to deal with the likes of Mr Marsh.

And that’s why the extremists were meeting yesterday.  They want the Government to leave them alone.  They want freedom of speech, religious liberty, the rule of law and all that.  As I say, extremists.

Not only was the meeting held right under the nose of Theresa May, but it was attended and addressed by extremist Fiona Bruce MP (Conservative, Congleton).  What a torrent of hate speech.

Whilst I won’t be reporting any of what was said by the NCLF extremists yesterday – it’s too extreme for this blog – let’s hope that MI5 can prevent any further outrages in central London.

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No response from pornographer Tim Hemming


Last month (31 October 2015) I emailed ABS Holdings in hope of receiving a response from company directors.

ABS porn baron Tim Hemming has two daughters (depicted above), 20-year-old Danielle Hemming (right) and 23-year-old Nicola Hemming (left).

Tim Hemming’s partners in porn, ABS porn traders Toby Branston and Symon Reeves also have young daughters.

The ABS wholesale business supplies R18 pornography (such as Corrupt Schoolgirls) throughout Britain.

I asked Mr Hemming and his fellow flesh merchants the following:

(1)  Would you enjoy watching your own daughters in R18 films?

(2)  Would you sell R18 films featuring your own daughters?

To date there has not been any response to my email.

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Cornwall Porn Trade and Rising Number of Rapes

Is there a link between the Truro Porn Trade and rising numbers of rapes and other sexual offences in Cornwall?

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LBB Admin,

Re malicious use of my details to register on your forum:

(1)  Please remove my details and the false account immediately, and;

(2)  Please send an email to confirm you have done so.

And to the person(s) in question…

Do not do this again.  You are liable to being chased up by the Police (and perhaps others) next time.

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As part of a wide-ranging investigation into paedophilia in the South West, I found myself looking into licensed sex premises in Cornwall yesterday.  The investigation – regarding which I am only one player on the team – remains ongoing.  What follows is a brief write-up of my visit to Truro’s sex shop…

Mrs Palm, the licensed sex premises in the heart of Cornwall’s capital city, is just five minutes’ walk from Truro Cathedral.

You know the place – it’s the sex shop next door to the school uniforms shop

It’s the sex shop selling hardcore ‘schoolgirl’ pornography next door to the clothes shop selling uniforms to local schoolgirls.

Only in Cornwall.

You won’t find a licensed sex shop next door to a children’s shop anywhere else in Britain.

I spent just under forty minutes inside Mrs Palm on Tuesday afternoon (13 October 2015), talking to the shop’s owner, Nikki Hewett, and gathering detailed evidence as to exactly what is on sale from these premises.

For the first fifteen minutes I had to endure the trial of discussing and browsing lingerie with Nikki.  Whilst I have some experience of removing lingerie, buying it is quite another matter.

What do I know about the price of frilly knickers, or boob shapes and bra sizes, fabrics and fashions?  Not a lot.  I’m a man, and I live a simple life, untroubled by such lady issues.

However, fifteen minutes of lace and frilly knickers put Nikki at ease with me being in the shop, and, being left in peace thereafter, I was thus enabled to spend quite some time on the serious business of gathering evidence about the shop, its stock and services.  This was important because no one else came into the shop the whole time I was there, so there was no one else to distract Nikki’s attention from myself.

In addition to lingerie, fetish gear, dildos, lubes, pills and sadomasochism paraphernalia – including whips, chains, riding crops, gags, hoods and various restraining equipment – the shop sells R18 hardcore pornographic DVDs, and also hardcore pornographic magazines.

Quite simply, it’s a perverts’ paradise.  Next door to a clothes shop for school kids.

The videos and magazines included material such as gangbangs, homosexuals and also ‘schoolgirl’ pornography – of which more in a moment.

At the rear of the shop, a large section of the wall was covered with R18 hardcore pornographic DVDs (displayed front-facing).  One-hundred-and-forty-four R18 DVDs were displayed on the wall (8 rows of 18 DVDs), with dozens more in a bargain bin placed on the floor below the huge wall display.

As Nikki said to me, “There’s quite a lot to choose from, isn’t there?”

There was plenty of young teenage girls content on offer.

Consider, for example, the R18 DVD “Corrupt Schoolgirls 6” made last year and distributed in the UK by ABS Holdings Ltd from the East Dorset Trade Park (BH21 7SH).

The Corrupt Schoolgirls DVD has 109 minutes of hardcore ‘schoolgirl’ pornography.

According to the DVD case, the content features ‘schoolgirls’ in “real life scenarios” – including sex with teachers and sex with another schoolgirl’s father.

The front cover of the DVD case shows four young females dressed in schoolgirl clothing, and four men.

The back cover shows various images from the video of the ‘schoolgirls’ being penetrated, sucking penises and with semen on their faces.

In conclusion, I have to say I’m amazed that Cornwall Council granted a licence for a sex shop, not least because of its location immediately next door to a shop selling children’s school uniforms.

There’s a fair chance I’ll have more to say on this story in the future, so watch this space…

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UK Government watchlist for ministers of religion

‘Big Brother’ may be a cliché but, more importantly, it really does capture the reality of what has been happening in Britain for some time now.  And alarmingly, Big Brother is getting bigger with every passing year.  Though most of the public are unaware of it, the legislative framework and statutory powers for totalitarian Britain already exist.  We already live in a high surveillance State, and the Government has the power and authority to rule on an overtly tyrannical basis whenever it may decide to invoke the extant legislation which provides for tyranny.

The proposed Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) are of great concern to many.  I received a Home Office leak about “homophobic extremists” quite some time before the recent and full-blooded leak to the Sunday Telegraph (13 September) of the Government’s proposed counter-extremism strategy.  As the evidence mounts, the concerns grow.

Now we know the Government is planning a watchlist for ministers of religion.  If the State gets its way, ministers of religion will be vetted by the State; faith leaders will have to demonstrate their support for ‘British values’ (i.e. Equality & Diversity ideology) in order to function in everyday settings such as schools or hospitals, and be registered on a State database requiring ‘security’ checks to obtain State approval.  We can be sure that any classified as ‘extremists’ won’t be doing very much ministering if the State has its way.  And who are these extremists?  I think it reasonable to predict that the majority of those who will be labelled extremist will be Christians or Jews, not Muslims.

I hope these totalitarian proposals do not come to pass.  Secretive State watchlists are the way of Communist tyrants and utterly at odds with British tradition in matters of liberty.

Moreover, it won’t stop at ministers of religion.  Once there’s a watchlist for preachers it takes little imagination to foresee that the securocrats will soon want similar watchlists for many others – journalists, teachers and, eventually, pretty much everybody, as we find that Britain has become the new German Democratic Republic.

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