Nottinghamshire Police in Rogue Operation against Richard Carvath


The Nottinghamshire Police force is currently suspected of conducting a rogue operation against Richard.

The Notts force’s recent conduct has been assessed as vexatious and malicious.

At time of writing this update, to the best of our knowledge, Richard has yet to catch up with the police (or vice versa).

No doubt there’s a date with destiny in the pipeline.

Intriguingly, given the Notts force’s recent passion for Richard, our information is that Richard has never visited Nottinghamshire in his entire life!

And even if/when he does, no doubt all Notts Police will get is a 100% ‘No Comment’ interview.

Notts Police are very definitely in Richard’s bad books.

We think it likely that Richard will be taking legal action against Notts Police, probably directed to the Chief Constable.

Nobody knows where Richard is at present, but a mysterious Tits video was posted to YouTube a while back.

Was it Richard?  Has he got himself lost whilst on a Scottish mountaineering trip?  Who knows.  He could be anywhere right now.

But no doubt he’s looking forward to catching up with Notts Police, just as soon as he is able to do so.

We’ll keep you posted as and when we have more Richard news.

OBO (on behalf of).

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Wanted by Notts police

My info is I’m “wanted” by Notts P.  Nowhere near Notts at present.  I will go to Notts next week to give a No Comment interview.  All evidence &etc is SAFE and will stay that way.    (Richard Carvath, Saturday 26 Jan 2019 at 17:17.)


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Instruction to intervene in notorious Nottingham case

All interested parties are hereby notified that today I have issued instructions to seek to intervene in, or to have re-examined, the case of S******* B****** (2017, Nottingham).
I proceed on the basis that it is my assertion that the Greater Manchester Police force and the Nottinghamshire Police force are both compromised in regard of this case.  Furthermore, I assert that the judge in this case was/is compromised.  It is therefore my position that I refuse to submit [potential] new evidence to any of these parties or to cooperate with these parties.
It is my assertion that at the heart of the S******* B****** case there is a criminal conspiracy to cover up a paedophile ring.
This ring comprises child abusers who abuse from the primary motive of paedophilia, together with others, being Satanists, who abuse children from the primary motive of the fulfilment of their religious beliefs (SRA).
Richard Carvath.        17:24 hours, Monday 21 January 2019.
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Nottinghamshire police sergeant Timothy Cuthbert (PS2634)

On Saturday I received a formal written communication from a Sergeant Timothy Cuthbert of Nottinghamshire Police.
(By the way, the Notts police force is actively engaged in protecting several suspected paedophiles I’ve investigated; though many individual police officers are doubtless unaware that, sometimes, their day-to-day duties actually serve the purpose of this unofficial paedophile protection agenda.)
This sergeant does not know me and has never communicated with me before.
The sergeant opened with “Richard …”.
Then, without stating [any details of] his business, he requested that I telephone him.
Moreover, this occurred in the context that the sergeant knew that I would know, on reading his communication, that he had already contacted female persons known to me without having any valid good reason for doing so.
Anybody who knows me – or even anybody who doesn’t, but who is generally familiar with the English people – will know instantly what I thought of this sergeant.
Needless to say, I strongly disapprove of and dislike this sergeant’s manner and conduct.
Will the Nottinghamshire Chief Constable write to me with an apology?
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Nottinghamshire Police

Earlier today I was contacted by Nottinghamshire Police.  The police did not contact me directly, in the first instance, even though this would’ve been the easiest, quickest and most obvious thing to have done.  (E.g. there is my public Twitter.)
No, the police did not do that.  What they did do was to go after and pester female persons known to me.  Why did the police do that, I wonder?
After consulting with others, my assessment of the police’s approach today is that it was Hostile and Tactical.
Was it intended to intimidate?  Was it intended to cause distress?  If not to me, then to women who have no involvement in or knowledge of my journalism, except to read what I may publish here, under my name, the same as any other reader might do.
In the first instance, I responded to the police and made contact with them.  However, there was no reply at that time.  At time of writing this blog, there have been no communications of any consequence between myself and the Notts police; I do not know what it is they want, and what they want has not been communicated to me; though I do of course speculate as to what they want.
It has now been decided that I will not cooperate with the Notts police – whatever it is that they want.
For the record, and as a catch-all statement for the benefit of Notts police: I, Richard Carvath, have never done anything unlawful in respect to any person or location in Nottinghamshire; nor do I know anything of anybody else, associated with me, doing anything unlawful in relation to persons/locations in Nottinghamshire.  That’s all I have to say to the police.
I instruct the police to desist from hostile, tactical acts involving innocent third parties.
I am actively considering whether to register a formal complaint and to commence legal action against Nottinghamshire Police regarding events today.
I suspect that there is a certain man, based in Nottingham, who is pulling the strings of the police.  I suspect this man has orchestrated this attack upon me – and innocent third parties – by the police today.  This man has form for attacking me.  This man issued defamatory statements against me in 2017, and, together with another party, instructed an ex-military errand boy to try to hunt me down and silence me.  This man (not a policeman) – let’s call him the ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’ – is known to be very close indeed to Nottinghamshire Police.
Is the Sheriff trying to use his high-level secret contacts and his high professional status to get the police to terrorise a law-abiding journalist?
I’d like to get to the bottom of this attack on me today.  Who is behind it?  Is it the Sheriff?
Perhaps what’s needed is an investigation by an independent police force.  I could consider cooperating with an independent police force.
The Nottinghamshire Police force and the ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’ are well known to be very close bed-fellows.  What’s happened today has the Sheriff’s fingerprints all over it.  I suspect the Sheriff is up to his usual mischief.  The Sheriff has form – famously, and very publicly, in 2017 – for manipulating Nottinghamshire Police to serve his personal whims; the Sheriff had 100 police officers tearing Nottinghamshire apart to hunt down his prey.
Yes, an independent police force is essential.  It is out of the question to have any dealings with Nottinghamshire Police; they are unquestionably compromised.
Did the Sheriff just pick up the phone to Nottinghamshire’s Chief Constable and say, “Your orders are to attack Carvath?”
Or was it a bit of the old Masonic mischief behind closed doors?  All I do know right now is that the Sheriff is my Number One Suspect for the police attack on me today.
So, as I say, there may be the need for complaints next week, regarding the police, and regarding the Sheriff (with his ‘professional superiors’).
I advise anybody who knows me not to cooperate with Nottinghamshire Police if they try to harass you; do not communicate with them; instruct them to desist from harassing you.

21:12 hours.  19 January 2019.

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Brexit (I hope)

This is what I had to say in 2016, shortly after the referendum:

“The Brexit side clearly won the referendum.  I voted LEAVE the EU myself.  The only question now is will our country actually get to leave the EU?”

“The current crop of MPs is overwhelmingly out of step with the public in its hostility to Brexit.  The civil service is hostile to Brexit.  These are the people who actually run the country and in whose hands lie the legal and political decisions and actions necessary to implement a full and genuine Brexit, or else to stitch us up in any of a number of ways.  Do you think they’re just going to do what the majority of the voting British people want, when it’s not what they want?”

Looking at the situation today, my 2016 remarks were a good prediction of how things were to unfold.  I do hope that we yet see a genuine Brexit.  If I were running the country right now, my preferred option would be a No Deal Brexit – the very thing which almost the entire political establishment seems desperate to avoid.
In my assessment, the EU has no intention of coming to terms with us – terms which are good and acceptable to us (i.e. those of us wanting a genuine Brexit) – before we leave the EU.  In plain Northern-speak, the EU is ‘cocking us about’, and will continue to do so for as long as we allow them to treat us that way.
The best thing Britain can do is to leave the EU without any deal.  Then we can start to do business properly.  No sensible person would suggest that our departure from the EU, howsoever it may happen, will be anything less than a turbulent period for the country.  However, once we get on with it and leave, then, if the EU bloc wants good relations with us, well, we’ll get round the table and talk about it.  And if we can come to some good trade deals, so be it.  Otherwise, we take our business elsewhere.
The way you deal with the likes of the EU is with a strong hand.  You do not play the pansy.  We have limp-wristed politicians and civil servants grovelling to the EU.  We need to show the EU a bit of biting British bulldog instead.
It’s a nonsense to think that Brexit, deal or no deal, is going to be doomsday for Britain.  Does anybody remember the Second World War?  Well then, I think Britain can survive Brexit.  And we may even prosper, in the long-run, once we take the EU’s shackles off.
The current situation is like our country being in a prison cell where the prison door is open and all we have to do is walk out and be free!  But some of us are so institutionalised to EU slavery that freedom is a fearful prospect.  Such people need to grow up and play the man once more.  Britain can be a free country.  Let’s hope the politicians do not betray us.
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