SRA Sicko’s sick mate ‘jokes’ about Harold Shipman

If you haven’t heard what was said about Manchester’s serial murderer Harold Shipman in the most recent video, in relation to this case, it’s over on YouTube.  (Oh, by the way, if you don’t know, Shipman was a Satanist.)
Journalists are building up a comprehensive dossier on the Sicko at the centre of this story, including the company he keeps.  It’s telling that one of Sicko’s closest friends ‘jokes’ about Harold Shipman and other serial murderers on one of his social media pages.  As they say, “Many a true word spoken in jest.”
Sicko’s sick mate – who produces videos (what kind, we wonder?), and who is in a long-term relationship with a Manchester actress – says Shipman is the “best” “ever” serial murderer!  He even ‘jokes’ about looking like Harold Shipman.
Nobody normal or decent would compare themselves to Harold Shipman, even for a ‘joke’.  Harold Shipman is only an idol for hard-core Satanists.  No surprise that this ‘joker’ is a very close friend of Sicko the Satanist.
Justice may tarry awhile, but the hangman is on notice to rig up the gallows.
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The issues

Besides the criminal conduct of the SRA child abusers themselves, this case has raised several important issues, including: (1) The secrecy of the family courts, and the tyrannical lengths to which the State will go in order to silence any meaningful dissent; (2) the generally low standards of the family courts’ judiciary, particularly as regards how findings of fact are arrived at; and (3) the failures of a corrupt police force to protect children and to apprehend SRA child abusers.  And these are by no means all of the concerns I could mention.
None of these problems will be resolved until enough people demand reform of the system.  I honour those who are making sacrifices, in so many ways, to push for much-needed change.  Individuals and groups may differ as to the right tactics or the best strategy by which to pursue the reform agenda, but what everybody [on the right side of this case] agrees upon is that the system is badly broken and must be fixed.
Perhaps the most interesting thing about this case is how it has become a popular focus for the cause celebre of family courts’ injustice.  It’s the tip of an iceberg.  This case is not an isolated instance of gross injustice.  This case has served to highlight that many decent parents, and many innocent children have been and continue to be the victims of appalling atrocities at the hands of family courts’ judges.  We must persevere in challenging corruption, exposing injustice and fighting for reform of these evil, unjust courts.
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Gagging Orders

As many people are aware, I’ve been gagged by the State in regard of that national news story which the State doesn’t want you to hear about.  (At least, not the truth – there’s no problem with you hearing the State’s propaganda.)  But being gagged doesn’t mean the story is over.  It is far from over.  Journalists’ enquiries are ongoing, as are legal proceedings.
The way things are shaping up, I can foresee journalists seeking to intervene directly in court matters in this case.  Journalists don’t relish this kind of thing.  We are not in the business of fighting wars against the judiciary, or the system of secret courts so cherished by them.  We’d rather just report the truth to the public, like we’re supposed to do.  But the judiciary has started a war on British liberty.  Journalists have a responsibility to challenge corruption and expose injustice.  Let’s hope that true justice will yet prevail in this case.
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Patrick Sookhdeo update

The February 2017 trial of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo at Snaresbrook Crown Court was postponed pending the outcome of an application to the Court of Appeal.
The application to the Court of Appeal presumably concerns Dr Sookhdeo’s extant wrongful convictions (dating to February 2015).  I do not know the outcome/current status of this application to appeal.
Presumably the current prosecution of Dr Sookhdeo – regarding a 1977 allegation, first complained of in November 2015 – will remain on hold until the application to appeal is finally resolved.
Sub judice criteria currently prevent journalists from publishing a significant volume of information about Dr Sookhdeo’s wrongful convictions (or, of course, the current prosecution).
Neither Dr Sookhdeo’s past accuser (2014) nor his current accuser (2015) can be publicly identified in Britain.
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Theresa May: hollow words on Islamic terrorism

This morning Theresa May addressed Parliament about yesterday’s London terror attack.  Would it be harsh of me to criticise the Prime Minister’s propaganda?
The PM spoke of Britain never bowing to terrorism.  No doubt Theresa May’s words were very well intended.  She may even sincerely believe what she said.  But is it true?
The truth is that the British Government has a long record of giving in to terrorism.
From India, Palestine and Malaya to Cyprus, Aden and Kenya – and not forgetting Northern Ireland – in the last century the British Government has repeatedly given in to the demands of terrorists.
In all of these instances, terrorists succeeded in their aims against the British Government.  Terrorism may not have been the only factor at play in shaping the policy and actions of the British Government, but it was a significant factor, and sometimes the key factor.
The British Government has been appeasing Islam in Britain since at least the 1990s.  And the British Government is appeasing Islam to this day.
Will Britain really never bow to Islam?  Whilst there are still many good British people who would fight to the death to defend Britain against Islamic tyranny, I can’t say I’m over confident about Britain’s future prospects.
The truth is that Britain is already a long way down the road to being conquered by the Muslims.  The danger is real and the threat continues to grow.
We need more than words from the Prime Minister.  The root of the problem must be tackled – and tackled properly.  The root of the problem is the spirit and ideology of Islam.
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Met Police child prostitution cover up: Detective Jonathan Wedger tells all

Explosive corruption allegations that have the Met in meltdown: the top-level Metropolitan Police cover up of child prostitution.  Full transcript of whistleblowing detective Jonathan Wedger here.
Original audio source
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Richard Whiteley a Spy – really?

Ricky Tomlinson claimed that the late Richard Whiteley was “a member of the intelligence services” yesterday.
Tomlinson is reported by the Chester Chronicle as saying that Whiteley “hosted” the 1973 ITV documentary The Red Under The Bed – the broadcasting of which Tomlinson believes may have swayed the jury against him at his noteworthy 1973 trial.
However, according to the British Film Institute (BFI), neither the BFI’s Richard Whiteley page nor the BFI’s The Red Under The Bed page have any reference to Whiteley in that programme.
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