UK Government watchlist for ministers of religion

‘Big Brother’ may be a cliché but, more importantly, it really does capture the reality of what has been happening in Britain for some time now.  And alarmingly, Big Brother is getting bigger with every passing year.  Though most of the public are unaware of it, the legislative framework and statutory powers for totalitarian Britain already exist.  We already live in a high surveillance State, and the Government has the power and authority to rule on an overtly tyrannical basis whenever it may decide to invoke the extant legislation which provides for tyranny.

The proposed Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) are of great concern to many.  I received a Home Office leak about “homophobic extremists” quite some time before the recent and full-blooded leak to the Sunday Telegraph (13 September) of the Government’s proposed counter-extremism strategy.  As the evidence mounts, the concerns grow.

Now we know the Government is planning a watchlist for ministers of religion.  If the State gets its way, ministers of religion will be vetted by the State; faith leaders will have to demonstrate their support for ‘British values’ (i.e. Equality & Diversity ideology) in order to function in everyday settings such as schools or hospitals, and be registered on a State database requiring ‘security’ checks to obtain State approval.  We can be sure that any classified as ‘extremists’ won’t be doing very much ministering if the State has its way.  And who are these extremists?  I think it reasonable to predict that the majority of those who will be labelled extremist will be Christians or Jews, not Muslims.

I hope these totalitarian proposals do not come to pass.  Secretive State watchlists are the way of Communist tyrants and utterly at odds with British tradition in matters of liberty.

Moreover, it won’t stop at ministers of religion.  Once there’s a watchlist for preachers it takes little imagination to foresee that the securocrats will soon want similar watchlists for many others – journalists, teachers and, eventually, pretty much everybody, as we find that Britain has become the new German Democratic Republic.

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Crime reporter barred from court

According to London newspaper editor Andrew Parkes, last week (17 September): “A crime reporter was barred from court after a judge decided the defendant was too ‘distressed’ for journalists to be allowed in.  The 16-year-old girl was accused of involvement in a street robbery, which was posted on social media after being recorded on a phone.  This is an outrageous decision and should never be repeated.  Imagine not covering any court cases because the defendant gets upset?  Every scumbag in the world will be turning on the waterworks.  Pity she didn’t think about the tears of her victim.”

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Social Services stealing yet more children

Later this week, in one of Britain’s secret ‘Family Courts’, a family will attempt to stop the Social Services permanently removing four children (aged 8, 6, 5 and 2) from their parents.

The children have already been separated from their parents for over six months.  The statistics say these parents will most likely never see their children again; court orders for forced adoptions are currently granted for 97% of applications by the Social Services.

As with so many of these cases, the treatment of this family by the Social Services and Police has been absolutely appalling – and I cannot report any names and bring this injustice to light properly because Britain’s so-called ‘Family Courts’ are secret courts which cannot be reported.  Any journalist (or other person) publishing names in such cases would be jailed for ‘contempt of court’.

The stealing of children by social workers is a lucrative business; the four children in this particular case are worth about £100,000 to fostering/adoption agents.

In this case, the parents were arrested by police in February 2015 following a malicious allegation by a social worker that they had neglected and assaulted their four children.  The parents were held in police cells for 30 hours and were treated very badly by the police.

No evidence of physical assault has ever been found on any of the children and the allegation of neglect is based solely on the word of a malicious social worker.  The Social Services have fabricated numerous groundless allegations against not only the parents but also both sets of grandparents in order to proceed with an application for the forced adoption of the children.

The stealing of children by Social Services is happening to hundreds of families every year, but it is illegal to report these Family Court cases.  This is profoundly wrong.

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Met Police order removal of Jesus Christ banner at Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner

On 16 August 2015 a Met Police officer ordered a British Christian speaker to remove a banner bearing the words “The Blood of Jesus Christ” from the railings at Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park.

The Christian gentleman had been displaying his Jesus banner on nearby railings as he spoke to the public.  The police officer told the Christian that his Jesus banner “must come down” and the Christian complied.  The police did not tell any of the other speakers to remove signs or banners.

Prior to this incident, the Christian had regularly preached and displayed his Jesus banner at Speaker’s Corner, without any police intervention, since 1987.

COMMENT: Tyranny beckons in Police State Britain.  There is something seriously wrong when the Met Police start suppressing British Christians at Speaker’s Corner.  This Christian’s banner and the display of the banner were both lawful.  The police officer was quite wrong to order the Christian to remove his banner.  It is probable that the police ordered the banner removed for fear of it offending Muslims.  If Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs) are introduced, though EDOs are proposed as a means of tackling Islamic troublemakers, it is far more likely that EDOs will be deployed against Christians in Britain, despite the fact British Christians pose no threat to their country whatsoever.

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An Englishman’s Shirt in New York

A story to please the poor…

I’m told one of Britain’s wealthiest men (yes, Top 100) recently had a shirt – plus a servant to carry it – flown over to New York from London, on a whim, just because he wanted to wear that particular shirt.

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Devon & Cornwall: large rise in recorded violent and sexual crimes

Over the last year there has been a large rise in recorded violent and sexual crime, according to figures released by Devon & Cornwall Police.

Police figures for recorded crime across Devon and Cornwall between 01 August 2014 and 31 July 2015 reveal that in the last year there were 11,162 crimes classified as “Violence with Injury” (up 1.5% from 10,996 the year before), 11,399 crimes of “Violence without Injury” (up 11.2% from 10,247 the year before), 963 “Rape” crimes (up 28.6% from 749 the year before) and 1,837 “Other Sexual Offences” (up 27% from 1,447 the year before).

[Figures for all categories of recorded crime are available on the police website.]

Bad as the above figures are, I expect that we’d find the derisory sentences for most of these crimes even more shocking.

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Well of course the IRA still exists.  It is Britain’s military presence and power which doesn’t.  The IRA remains by far the biggest gang of armed gangsters across the Irish Sea.  This can only be news to the incredibly naïve.

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