Did you know that our English word OPPORTUNITY comes from the Latin word opportunus?  It’s a fact.  The original meaning of the Latin opportunus is literally ‘[coming] to [the] harbour’ – of a ship obtaining the favourable circumstances (the good opportunity) of the port’s protection.  So, generally speaking, every good opportunity is a favourable set of circumstances which is something we actively pursue as well as something we [hopefully] receive.  To experience opportunity in life clearly implies our active effort to find and receive some good thing which already exists.
Now, this life is not fair; life is unfair to everyone, to a greater or lesser extent, and from time to time.  One may work hard for nothing.  Another may do nothing and yet receive much.  (But perhaps somebody else did the work.)  Mostly, however, those who consistently work for some real and good thing eventually succeed in obtaining and enjoying the state of having some form of good opportunity.
What does this mean for us?  It means that, beginning from where we’re at, we must work and persevere in pursuit of a good destination, and trust God to reward our labour.  The key to a fruitful life is trusting in God whilst working with the strength He provides to us and also following His directions to harbour.